Same-Day Change and Same-Day Standby

We get it, plans change. That's why every Southwest® fare comes with no change fees and only the fare difference applies. But what about when you need to make a change to your flight on the same day you're taking off? Same-day change6 and same-day standby6 benefits give you even greater flexibility on your day of travel so you can hop on a different flight (as long as your origin airport and destination airport are the same).

When you wanna change your departure time, you have options.

Same-day standby list
Same-Day Standby

List yourself for another flight.

Same-day standby allows you to retain your current flight while listing for standby on an earlier flight via the Southwest app or mobile web, should one become available.

How to list for same-day standby.

Step 1

Access your itinerary on the Southwest app or mobile web at least 30 minutes ahead of scheduled departure. To find it on the app, tap View/Manage, and then same-day standby.


Step 2

Select the flight and we will let you know if you are cleared via your contact preference.

Or, you can ask a Southwest® Agent at the ticket counter or departure gate.

Same-day confirmed change
Same-Day Change

Confirm a seat on another flight.

Same-day change lets you swap your flight on the day of travel for an earlier or later one—as long as there's an open seat and your origin and destination airports are the same.

How to make a same-day confirmed change.

Step 1

Access your itinerary on desktop or mobile. If you are A-List Preferred or A-List be sure to login.


Step 2

Select a new flight.
You will receive an email confirmation.


Step 3

You did it!
Check in and retrieve your boarding pass.


See the step-by-step process on how to list for same-day standby.

Same-day change and same-day standby benefits vary by fare type.

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This chart compares all four of our air fares side-by-side. Wanna Get Away, Wanna Get Away Plus (New), Anytime, and Business Select.
Wanna Get Away* Wanna Get Away plus Anytime Business Select
Same-Day Change6 Fare Difference yes yes yes
Same-Day Standby6 NEW yes yes yes yes

*A-List and A-List Preferred Members can take advantage of free same-day change, even with Wanna Get Away fares.

Same-day change and same-day standby are just two of the many benefits that you can enjoy when you book with Southwest. Check out all the benefits that come with each Southwest fare type.

Yes, same-day standby is free of airline charges. Customers are no longer required to pay any fare difference. However, government taxes and fees may apply but will be refunded.

Note: some managed business travelers will be directed to see a Southwest Agent at the gate to list for standby.

You may need to speak with a Customer Service Agent to be added to the same-day standby list for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • You are attempting to add yourself to the same-day standby list less than 30 minutes prior to your desired flight's scheduled departure.
  • Your desired itinerary change may result in a collection or refund of taxes and fees.
  • You are traveling on an international itinerary.
  • Your desired itinerary change will result in a different connection city than your confirmed itinerary.
  • You are attempting to add yourself to the same-day standby list in your connection city.
  • You are trying to list for a flight later than your original flight.

Keep in mind that group bookings and Unaccompanied Minors are not eligible for same-day standby.

  1. Customers who are re-accommodated following flight disruptions
  2. A-List Preferred and A-List Rapid Reward Members prioritized based on fare (Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away Plus, Wanna Get Away)
  3. All other Customers prioritized by the same fare order



Enjoy benefits across all fare types when you fly with us.


Free entertainment†1 and $8 Internet2


Two bags fly free®3

No change fees

No change4 or cancel fees5


Inflight food and drinks

Where available. Available only on WiFi-enabled aircraft. Limited-time offer.

1Due to licensing restrictions, on WiFi-enabled international flights, free live TV and iHeartRadio may not be available for the full duration of flight.

2Internet access for $8 per device from takeoff to landing. Price is subject to change. May not be available for the full duration of flight. In order to provide a top-notch Internet experience, we prohibit access to certain high-bandwidth applications and websites. We also prohibit access to certain obscene or offensive content.

3First and second checked bags. Weight and size limits apply.

4Fare difference may apply.

5Failure to cancel a reservation at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure may result in forfeited travel funds.

6Free same-day change/standby
Same-day change: On the day of travel, you can switch free of airline charges to another flight with space available departing on the same calendar day between the same origin airport and destination airport as your original flight. With the exception of A-List Preferred and A-List Members, Customers who purchase Wanna Get Away fares are not eligible for free same-day change.
Same-day standby: You can list for same-day standby on an earlier flight via a Southwest Customer Service Agent at the airport or the Southwest app or mobile web. You will receive a message based on the contact preference selected during booking if you are cleared on the flight.
For both same-day change and same-day standby, you must change your flight or request to be added to the same-day standby list at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your original flight or the no-show policy will apply. If using the app or mobile web for standby, you must list your name 30 minutes ahead of scheduled departure. You will be required to pay any government taxes and fees associated with these itinerary changes but refunds will be provided. Your original boarding position is not guaranteed. Southwest Business Customers booked through travel agencies may need to see a Southwest agent at the airport for both a same-day change or standby listing. See for more details.