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Southwest Citizenship

Without a Heart, it's just a machine. - Image of flight attendant with plane.

2014 Southwest Airlines One Report™

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Charitable Giving Donation Application

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Medical Transportation Program

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From the Heart

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  • Charitable Giving

    Last year, Southwest Airlines received 14,968 donation requests and distributed more than 25,663 tickets and $1,266,950 in cash in response, for a combined value of more than $11.6 million in total contributions. Read more about Charitable Giving, or use our online Charitable Giving Donation Application to request a donation.  NOTE: We no longer accept mailed requests.  

  • Community Outreach & Volunteerism

    At Southwest Airlines, we consider ourselves much more than just a business; we are a neighbor in a community where you live. Read more about our community initiatives.

  • Environmental Initiatives

    Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility Southwest Airlines takes seriously, and efficient operations are the hallmark of our Company and the foundation of our environmental commitment. Our planet sustains us all, so we feel it's our responsibility to protect it. This focus on efficiency not only makes good business sense, it is the right thing to do. Read more about our sustainability in our 2015 Southwest Airlines One Report™

Our Company

Southwest Airlines' number one priority is to ensure the personal Safety of each Southwest Customer and Employee. Beyond this, we follow "The Golden Rule," meaning that we treat each other the way we want to be treated, which is why doing the right thing by our Employees and Customers is so inherent to who we are as a Company. We believe in Living the Southwest Way, which is to have a Warrior Spirit, a Servant's Heart, and a Fun-LUVing Attitude. Within each of these categories are specific behaviors to help us be a Safe, profitable, and a Fun place to work. Read More

At Southwest Airlines, diversity means having a modern and multi-faceted workforce which gives us a key competitive advantage in the national marketplace. Our network is comprised of Employees representing a variety of backgrounds whose individual experiences help form our unique Corporate Culture. Fostering an environment that encourages diversity of ideas, knowledge and actions is paramount to our operational excellence. Read more about our Diversity Council and our dedicated outreach for the LGBT, Hispanic, African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities.

While adhering to the Company Mission Statement, our Purchasing Department is committed to maintaining Southwest Airlines’ low-cost Leadership through effective and efficient procurement, fuel management, facilities construction, and project management practices—ensuring that we spend our valuable capital wisely. We are devoted to finding Suppliers who meet our levels of Customer Service and our high standards of efficiency and who help us achieve our commitments to Supplier Diversity. Read More

To illustrate our steadfast focus on the triple bottom line-our Performance, our People, and our Planet-we have highlighted these three elements of sustainability in a new format, an interactive web portal, for our second annual Southwest Airlines One Report. Our award-winning One Report combines financial, corporate responsibility, and environmental reporting into one comprehensive report, which adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative, an internationally recognized standard for sustainability reporting. Read more.

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