COVID-19 testing sites in Cuba may be limited or at capacity. You may want to consider buying a RapidReturn COVID-19 test kit  before you leave to take on your own. Para español, haga clic  aquí.

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Viewing travel restrictions for Cuba


Viewing travel restrictions for Cuba

Last updated:

Travel is allowed to Cuba with some limitations.

Last updated:
  • Documentation required
  • Potential COVID-19 Screening
  • U.S. Entry: Contact tracing information, one-day COVID-19 test and/or vaccination required. You can find a testing location in Cuba or take a test kit with you
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Before you travel

Mask Policy

Masks are required at all points of entry into the country.

Before you arrive

Complete Travel Form

Passengers must complete a "D'Viajeros" form before departure or upon arrival. This will generate a QR code which must be presented upon arrival.

Source: Travel Form

After you arrive

Potential COVID-19 Screening and Quarantine

In addition to the above requirements, passengers traveling to Cuba may be transported to a government facility for an additional COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival and may be required to quarantine for 8 days. After the 8-day quarantine and the return of a second negative COVID-19 test, then you may be released from quarantine.

Before you return


In addition to the above requirements to go to Cuba, the U.S. Government now requires every U.S. citizen, U.S. national, U.S. lawful permanent resident, and immigrant traveling into the United States to provide COVID-19-related documentation and contact tracing information. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, U.S. lawful permanent resident, or an immigrant, you have additional requirements for entry, which includes providing proof of vaccination. Those additional requirements and criteria for exceptions can be found here.

What you’ll need:

To avoid longer processing times at the airport, complete each of these steps before arriving at the airport for your trip from Cuba to the U.S.:

  1. Submit an attestation form through Southwest to the U.S. Government that confirms you are negative for COVID-19 or have recently recovered from COVID-19. Each Passenger must submit a form (if you are traveling with others, they will also have to fill out the form) after receiving proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 1 day before your departure. You can find that form here, but will be unable to complete it until you are within the 72 hour window. If you don’t complete the form before you get to the airport, you'll need to do so at the airport before boarding and may be subject to long lines.
  2. Bring proof of your negative qualifying COVID-19 test results or proof of your recent recovery from COVID-19, which could be either of the following:
    • A physical or electronic copy of a qualifying negative COVID-19 viral test taken within 1 day before your flight’s departure to the U.S. To find testing locations in Cuba, click here or to learn about the RapidReturn COVID-19 test kits that can be taken with you on your trip, click here.
      If you use a RapidReturn test kit or another self-test, you’ll need to have WiFi when you take it so a telehealth service affiliated with the test’s manufacturer can walk you through it over video. They will need to confirm your identity, observe the specimen collection and testing procedures, confirm your test result, and issue a report that meets the CDC’s requirements.
      Your negative test result must include:
      1. Your government issued name or passport number
      2. Specimen collection date
      3. The lab or physician’s name
    • Proof that you recovered from COVID-19 within the last 90 days including both a
      1. Signed letter on letterhead from a licensed healthcare provider or public health official that you have recovered from COVID-19 and are ‘cleared for travel’ and includes the provider’s name, address, and phone number.
      2. Physical or electronic copy of a positive COVID-19 viral test result taken within 90 days before your flight to the U.S. Your positive test result must include your government issued name or passport number, specimen collection date (within 90 calendar days), and the lab or physician’s name.
  3. In addition to the above, before boarding, every Southwest Airlines® Passenger will need to give contact information where you can be reached once you land in the U.S. You will be asked to give your:
    • Name (last, first, and, if applicable, middle or others)
    • Where you're staying while in the U.S. (full address: number, street, city, state, and zip code)
    • Primary phone number including country code
    • Secondary phone number including country code
    • Email address

To avoid long lines at the airport, make sure to complete each of these steps before your day-of travel. You’ll need to go to the ticket counter first so we can verify your documentation before you can go through security. If any Passenger does not meet these requirements, they will not be allowed to board.

You can learn more about these requirements at the US Centers for Disease Control.

Terms & conditions

Due to fast-changing government mandates and restrictions, this information is subject to change anytime and without notice. Depending on circumstances and travel itinerary, Passengers will be responsible for additional travel document requirements by destination.