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Viewing travel restrictions for Hawaii
Viewing travel restrictions for Hawaii
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Travel is allowed to Hawaii with some limitations.

Last updated:
  • Documentation required
  • Negative COVID-19 test or quarantine
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Before you arrive

Safe Travels application

All travelers aged 18 years and older are required to create a Safe Travels account and fill out the application prior to departure.

There are several additional elements required in order to complete your Safe Travels Application. View more details

Negative COVID-19 test or quarantine

All passengers age five and older who show proof of a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test from a State of Hawaii approved Trusted Testing Partner taken within 72 hours of boarding the last flight of their journey to Hawaii will not be subject to the State of Hawaii’s 10-day traveler quarantine rule. COVID-19 testing partners & pricing View more details

Additional Requirements for Travel to Maui from the Mainland

All travelers must download the AlohaSafe Alert App on their mobile phone before departing for Maui. If a traveler attempts to do so on arrival, it will be too late and quarantine will be required. View more details

Source: AlohaSafe Alert 

County-imposed rules may vary when traveling interisland

To bypass the mandatory 10-day quarantine when traveling through Hawaii please understand the county-imposed rules.

View more details

After you arrive

Present your QR code

After completing the Safe Travels application, you will receive a QR code via email.

If your first stop is Honolulu, you will receive two QR codes.

disinfectant spray

Face coverings

air filter

Terms & conditions

Due to fast-changing government mandates and restrictions, this information is subject to change anytime and without notice. Depending on circumstances and travel itinerary, Passengers will be responsible for additional travel document requirements by destination.