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How to Book a Room

Need help finding the perfect hotel to make your stay memorable? We've got the tools to help you find and book that hotel. See how it all works below including a few insider tips.

Find a Hotel

Travel Tip:

Promotion Codes

If you have a hotel promotion code, make sure to include it in your search so you can access special rates & packages only available to people with the code.

When and Where

It's easy to find exactly what you are looking for.  All you need to know is the destination, dates of your stay, and number of guests.  You can tailor your search even more by providing more specifics.  Are you looking for a 4-star hotel with a pool?  A 3-star hotel with an airport shuttle?  Do you need to be located near a certain address? Do you love to stay with a certain brand? (Don't forget, Southwest partners with several hotel chains where you can earn Rapid Rewards Points on your stays!) Personalizing your search is up to you.

Find the One

Once you see the list of hotels that meet your search criteria, you can sort the list to find exactly what you want. Sort by Top Picks, Price, Star Rating and more. You also have the option to read hotel reviews from fellow travelers to help you choose the right hotel for your specific taste and needs. Make sure you’re in the know before you go!  Looking for a specific area to stay?  No problem!  Simply use our handy map tool to view all the hotels within your search on a map to see exactly where they’re located.  Plus, with our newest feature, you can compare up to four hotels at the same time, making your decision easier than ever.  There are plenty of options to help ensure you find the perfect hotel on

Select a Room & Rate

Travel Tip:

Looking to spot a deal?

Be sure to check out the hotels that have deals listed next to the room types. Examples include, "Exclusive offer - Free breakfast with stay!" or "Get 20% off on a three-night stay."

Everything You Need

Once you've selected a hotel, you can see everything you need to choose the right room and rate. This list includes all the available room types, from a standard room to a multi-room suite (based on hotel). Next to each room rate, be sure to review the payment type and cancellation policies. Several rates will allow you to earn Rapid Rewards Points!

Check Out the Details

You can also see more detailed information about the hotel in case you are curious about particular amenities. For example, does it have an exercise room? Does it have a Business Center? Also, you may want to check out additional pictures of the hotel and see the map to view the surrounding area.

Ways to Pay

Travel Tip:

Want to talk?

If you prefer to make your reservation with the help of a Customer Sales Representative, just give us a call at 1-800-733-1137.

No Cancellation Fees doesn't charge cancellation fees like the other guys when you cancel a reservation made on the site. Make sure to verify if the hotel has cancellation penalties.

Now or Later

Southwest offers options of when to pay for your hotel stay. Some rates require full payment at the time of booking due to the promotion being offered, while others let you pay when you check out of the hotel. It's your choice and rules are clearly noted with every rate.

Credit Cards

No matter which one of the 40,000+ hotels available on, you just need a major credit card to make your reservation. Please note: Hotel payments cannot be made with a southwestgiftcard® or a Southwest LUV Voucher at this time. We'll send you a confirmation receipt via e-mail and you'll be all set!

Modifying or Cancelling Your Reservation

Travel Tip:

Earn Points Easier:

At hotel check-in, have both your Rapid Rewards and hotel loyalty numbers available to expedite the process of receiving points for your stay.

View and Cancel

Plans change. We get it. If you need to change your hotel reservation or even just take a look to double-check the details, we've made it easy. Simply access your reservation with the confirmation number we sent you or credit card information used to make the booking. You will then be able to confirm your hotel information or cancel and rebook another room if necessary.

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Rapid Rewards Last Activity Date

Rapid Rewards accounts will remain active and points won’t expire as long as you earn Rapid Rewards Points from flights or Partners every 24 months.

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