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DING!® delivers exclusive, limited-time-only air fare deals on select flights. These special deals are only available via the DING! desktop application.

The DING! application is always checking for new offers. Keep an eye on your desktop icon for the latest offers--they could be released any time of the day or night!

DING! offers are only available for purchase through the DING! application during the dates and times indicated. But if you miss an offer, stay tuned. Others will be on the way soon.

The DING! desktop application will alert you with an audible DING! sound and place an envelope over the DING! icon in your system tray.


Not at this time. But with the exclusive air fare offers that DING! delivers, you'll want to make sure that your friends and family aren't missing out on great DING! deals!

The DING! application uses resources sparingly. It uses less than 1% CPU utilization on average, less than 6MB local storage, and appears on the system tray as a small icon.

The DING! application is a stand-alone product and is not bundled with adware, spyware, or any other type of software.

No, DING! is a notification tool that provides you with exclusive offers and headlines from Southwest Airlines. The DING! application does not store any personal information other than home airport and zip code that you provide during the registration. If you are a Rapid Rewards Member, you may also provide your Member number. This allows us to customize your alerts, only notifying you when we have offers available that are relevant to your home airport(s).

This will depend on your Internet connection type and speed. With a broadband connection (Cable, DSL, etc.) the download and installation should take less than two minutes.

You may select up to ten airports in the "My Airports" section. However, you may only enter one zip code, which would represent your home address zip code.

For Windows:

The default installation is to C:\Program Files\Southwest Airlines\Ding, however during the installation you can modify this to install wherever you'd like.

For Mac OS X:

 Users may drag the application bundle to any location on their computer.

For Windows:

Look for the "Update Registration" link at the top of the application window. This link will direct you to a page on where you can update the information you provided during registration.

For Mac OS X:

Choose "Update Registration" from the DING! application menu.

For Windows:

Right-click on the DING! desktop icon. You should see "Enable Audio Notifications" with a check mark to the left. Clicking on this will remove the check mark and disable the audio notification.

For Mac OS X:

Choose "Enable/Disable Audio Notifications" from the DING! application menu.

For Windows:

Uninstall DING! using the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in your Windows Control Panel.

For Mac OS X:

Drag the DING! icon to the Trash.

If you have a connection to the Internet (through dial-up, cable, or DSL) then the DING! application should be working properly. If you are showing a connection error, verify that your computer is, in fact, connected to the Internet. If you verify that you are connected to the Internet, you may have a firewall issue.

Open a browser window (i.e.: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and type in the address If your browser returns DING! help pages, then firewall protection is not causing the connection issue.

If you are using a personal firewall application (i.e.: Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, etc.), check your configuration to make sure that access is enabled for and and that you have allowed access to the DING! program. If you are using DING! from a work location and you have a connection error, this could be due to your corporate firewall. You will need to contact your company's help desk for assistance and ask that they grant you access to the URLs listed above.

DING! opens the default browser configured on your system when you click on an offer or button that links you to If nothing is happening, it could be that your default browser is not configured to handle Internet Shortcuts properly or you may have a firewall or other security software blocking new browser windows. First, verify that your default browser is set up. For Windows Internet Explorer, this would be under Tools - Internet Options on the Programs tab. Verify that the box labeled "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser" is checked. Other browsers will have a similar option. Close (shut down) and re-open (restart) your browser.

If the problem continues, you may need to verify that your browser is configured to handle Internet Shortcuts. Information regarding Internet Explorer can be found in Microsoft's Support Knowledge Base. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, please see your browser documentation regarding this issue. Lastly, verify any firewall or other security software is not configured to block applications from opening up browser windows.

An error message (i.e. The offer you have requested is only available through the DING! application.) may display if we are unable to verify that you are coming from the DING! application to a DING! offer on If you are using a firewall or other Internet security package, such as Norton Internet Security, verify that HTTP Referrer information is allowed to be sent for Information on how to configure this for Symantec's Norton Internet Security is available at the Symantec Website.

If the DING! icon is not displaying in the Taskbar/System Tray (Windows only), be sure that "Hide Inactive Icons" is not active.

  • Right Click on the Taskbar and select "Properties."
  • In the Notification area on the Taskbar tab, check to see if "Hide Inactive Icons" is selected.
  • Unselect and click "Apply."

If you would prefer to continue hiding other inactive icons, but allow DING! to be displayed at all times:

  • Right Click on the Taskbar and select "Properties."
  • In the Notification area on the Taskbar tab, check to see if "Hide Inactive Icons" is selected.
  • Click Customize
  • In the Customize Notifications window, select DING!
  • Change Behavior to Always Show
  • Click OK on the Customize Notifications window.
  • Click OK again on the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

Click the Update Registration link from the DING! application. This will direct you to the Update DING! Registration page. Select airports from the Available Airports selection. Click the "Add" button to add them to My Airports. You can select up to 10 airports. Click Update Registration to confirm your selections.

If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will not allow you to download .exe files, you can also download DING! for Windows in .zip format. Once you have completed the download, unzip the file (using the WinZip or a compatible program) and run the DingInstall.exe installation file.

As of May 2013, cruises are no longer available for purchase via Southwest Airlines channels.

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