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No Change Fees

We never charge a change fee.

At Southwest, you may pay a difference in air fare, but never a change fee.

A fare difference is the difference between the fare you already purchased and the fare for the new flight you booked. A change fee is the penalty other Major airlines charge when a traveler changes his or her nonrefundable reservation.

No, this is not a new policy.

Some Major airlines charge up to $150 on top of paying a difference in fare.

Southwest is the only Major airline that never charges change fees.

If you need to change a previously booked itinerary that includes a Southwest-operated international flight, you would follow the same process as you would for a domestic flight and only the difference in fare would apply (no change fees).

If changes are made between fare classes, there are few exceptions to note. For example, if you originally booked a refundable Anytime Fare and are changing to a Business Select Fare, the original dollar amount paid for the Anytime Fare will be converted to reusable travel funds and the difference in fare will be refundable if any additional changes or cancellations are made in the future.

The same scenario applies if you originally purchased a Business Select Fare for an international itinerary and wish to make changes. The original amount paid will be converted to reusable travel funds and any difference on top of that will be refundable should you choose to cancel it at any future point in time.

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