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Please contact the Customer Care team at

Please contact the shuttle provider (phone listed in the Redemption Instructions or Terms and Conditions on your voucher) to determine if they will still accept your voucher. If not, please contact the Customer Care team at

Call your Shuttle provider at the number listed in your redemption instructions as soon as you know of a flight change.

Your Shuttle Service provider will be listed on your voucher.

Follow the directions on your voucher once you have made your shuttle purchase on The directions will vary by airport location, but will usually be located near the passenger pick-up areas outside of baggage claim. You may be required to call for shuttle pick-up, which will be indicated on the voucher once it is purchased.

All purchases are non-refundable. Please contact the Customer Service team at if you have any questions.

Yes. The merchant of record on your credit card will show iSeatz Southwest Tvl.

Southwest Shuttle Services does not provide ground transportation to or from anywhere other than hotels and airports listed in the appropriate zones.

Please treat your voucher like cash and keep it with you at all times. Vouchers are required to redeem your Shuttle Services. Please contact the Customer Service team at, and we will arrange for you to access your voucher online, if your voucher is lost, prior to your trip.

Shuttle rates are usually based on seat occupancy, unless otherwise noted that infants and/or children can ride for free. It is also required by law that an infant must ride in a car seat. In most cases, unless otherwise noted, child seats are the passenger’s responsibility.

Please call the number provided on your voucher’s redemption instructions. If you continue to experience any difficulties, please contact Customer Service at

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