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TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is an expedited screening initiative that is expanding to airports across the country. Implementing a key component of the TSA’s intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to security, TSA PreCheck enhances aviation security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals who volunteer to participate to expedite the travel experience.

Passengers the TSA determines are eligible for TSA PreCheck  receive screening benefits which could include no longer removing the following items:

  • Shoes
  • 3-1-1 compliant bag from carry-on
  • Laptop from bag
  • Light outerwear/jacket
  • Belt

In addition, accompanying passengers 12 and younger are allowed through TSA PreCheck lanes when traveling with eligible passengers (parent or guardian).

  • TSA PreCheck includes U.S. Citizens who are members of existing Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler programs, including Global Entry, SENTRI and NEXUS (for Canadian Citizens only), and possess a Known Traveler Number.
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Members who receive an invitation to opt-in and do so are eligible. Information in the Customer’s Rapid Rewards profile must match the TSA's information exactly (e.g., your full name must match, including first, middle, and last).
  • Travelers may also apply via a fee-based application process known as The TSA PreCheck Application Program ($85). This program allows U.S. citizens the opportunity to apply for expedited screening without a passport. 
  • Note: Although participants in the CBP's Trusted Traveler programs (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI and the TSA PreCheck Application Program) and Rapid Rewards Members who have opted into the program are eligible for expedited screening, no one is guaranteed expedited screening. Eligibility is determined by the TSA on a per-flight segment basis. Additionally, if a Customer’s Southwest reservation has an international destination TSA Precheck is not currently supported.
  • Any active duty, U.S. Armed Forces service members in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy, as well as the Reserves and National Guard, with a DOD ID (Effective for travel on December 20th and after)
  • Additionally, using its Secure Flight system, the TSA will also proactively prescreen Passengers who are traveling, with the goal of possibly pre-clearing more Passengers to use TSA PreCheck lanes. These Passengers will not be required to “opt-in” via their Rapid Rewards account or include a KTN at time of booking. They also will not be required to submit any additional information, submit an application, or pay a fee. However, TSA will be able to provide some of these Passengers with the opportunity for expedited screening on a flight-by-flight basis by analyzing information already provided by Passengers through existing Secure Flight program requirements such as name, date of birth, and gender.

For security reasons, the TSA cannot provide specifics about screening procedures. Volunteered participant information is used to make an intelligence-driven risk assessment that could allow some travelers to qualify for expedited screening.

A Known Traveler Number (KTN) can be entered for any reservation booked through, and Southwest Vacations.

  • Travelers who are eligible will be able to find the notification indicator “TSA PRE” in the upper left corner of the boarding pass, above their name.
  • Please note that if you are eligible for TSA PreCheck, the indicator will appear on boarding passes throughout your itinerary, regardless of whether pre-screening lanes are available at your departure airport(s).

No, not all airports have a TSA PreCheck lane, and those that do might not have TSA PreCheck at every checkpoint. Learn more about participating Southwest Airlines airports or for more information on checkpoint locations and hours of operation, visit

All TSA PreCheck participants are identified every time they fly and will receive a notification on their boarding passes even if TSA PreCheck lane(s) are not available at their departure airport(s). At this time, the TSA is unable to filter selection results to exclude flights departing from airports TSA PreCheck that do not have TSA PreCheck.

After verifying whether or not your departure airport has an open TSA PreCheck lane at your security checkpoint, look for signs with the TSA PreCheck logo at the entrance to the checkpoint lanes.

TSA PreCheck Logo

Customers who do not meet the necessary requirements (“TSA PRE” printed in the upper left hand corner of the boarding pass) are not eligible to accompany you through the lane at this time. However, accompanying passengers 12 and younger are allowed through TSA PreCheck lanes when traveling with eligible passengers (parent or guardian).

No, TSA PreCheck and the Southwest Airlines Fly By Priority Lane are not the same and will continue to operate separately from one other. A-List and A-List Preferred Members as well as Customers flying on a Business Select fare will be able to utilize the Fly By security lanes in participating airports regardless of TSA PreCheck eligibility.

While we recommend utilizing the TSA PreCheck lane if given the opportunity, you are not required to do so.

The TSA will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout the airport. Therefore, while passengers with the TSA PreCheck indicator have been pre-cleared to access the TSA PreCheck lane no passenger is ever guaranteed expedited screening.

For any questions about TSA PreCheck or the TSA, please visit

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