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What is Jackpot DealsĀ®?

Jackpot Deals are Southwest's new way for you to obtain savings on your trips by bundling your air, hotel, and car bookings into one transaction. We contract directly with hotels to bring you the best rates without the need for a middle man. Additionally, when you bundle your air with a hotel and/or car reservation, we pass the savings on to you! In a nutshell, Jackpot Deals offer you Southwest Airlines exclusive low rates on flights and great hotel deals, with the added convenience of one-stop booking.

What are the benefits of booking Jackpot Deals?

We work with all of the top hotels to guarantee the best rates for you. In addition, you will also receive:

  • The lowest Southwest Airlines rates on air fare.
  • Bags Fly Free.* You won't pay a fee to check your bags.
  • No fees for changing or cancelling your Jackpot Deal.**
  • Rapid Rewards Points on all package deals. You'll also earn double the points if you use your Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card from Chase.
  • Direct access to Jackpot Reservation Agents ready and willing to assist you with every detail of your trip.

*First and second checked bags. Baggage weight and size limitations apply.
**Fees may be assessed by Hotel or Car suppliers, but Jackpot Deals will never charge you a change or cancellation fee. Air and land fare differences may apply when altering any component of a reservation package.

How do I find out about these great deals?

The easiest way to find out about Jackpot Deals is to log onto southwest.com and visit our Vacations section. You can also find out about these great deals from any of the following:

  • Jackpot Deals are delivered straight to your inbox via our weekly Click 'n Save e-mails. Subscribe to Click 'n Save e-mails today!
  • Exclusive deals are just a phone call away. For assistance with booking, contact one of our friendly Reservation Agents at 877-308-4216.
  • Go ahead and start the booking process online to view your Jackpot Deal savings first hand!
Rapid Rewards Last Activity Date

Rapid Rewards accounts will remain active and points won’t expire as long as you earn Rapid Rewards Points from flights or Partners every 24 months.

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