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Southwest Airlines One Report

Without a Heart, it's just a machine.

2014 Southwest Airlines One Report™

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Report on the Triple Bottom Line

  • At Southwest Airlines, we are on a journey to spread Hospitality and Reliability to the world while connecting People to what's important in their lives. 

  • Performance

    The year 2015 was a gratifying, successful, and record-setting year.  After five years of intense work on five strategic initiatives, 2015 was the first full year to demonstrate results - and the results were superb.  Record traffic, record revenues, record profits, and a record year-end stock price (LUV).  Southwest boosted its available seat miles (capacity) 43 percent since 2010, driven by the acquisition of AirTran in 2011.  All combined, since 2010, Shareholder value has increased more than 3 fold; dividends per share have increased more than 16 fold; and $4.3 billion has been returned to Shareholders in dividends and share repurchases.  Southwest has transformed, as the results so clearly demonstrate.  Our results were further enhanced by dramatically lower jet fuel costs, driven by a collapse in oil prices.  It was our 43rd consecutive year of profitability, an unprecedented achievement in the domestic airline industry.   

  • People

    We're proudly People-centric and believe in putting our Employees first.  Because when Employees are as valued as ours are, they deliver hospitable service that translates into delighted, loyal Customers.  It also means that we strive to improve the lives of people in the communities where we fly and to work with suppliers that share our focus on sustainability.  We provided approximately $945 million toward Employee retirement through 401(k) matching contributions and through ProfitSharing related to 2015 results.  In 2015 we donated more than $19 million in corporate monetary, in-kind, and ticket donations. 

  • Planet

    Every day, more than 3,900 Southwest flights offer a unique perspective on our planet.  Seeing the Earth from 30,000 feet is a constant reminder of both the fragility and interconnectedness of the place we all call home.  This viewpoint reinforces our ongoing commitment to conservation, the responsible use of resources, and mitigation of our environmental impacts. 

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