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Why fly Southwest? Glad you asked!

  • Customer appreciation day is every day.

    Our Customers mean everything to us. We like to think of ourselves as a Customer Service company that happens to fly airplanes. From booking your trip to the moment you deplane, it’s our mission to make your travel experience a great one.

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  • From sea to shining sea (and the tropics).

    With an extensive network, we serve more than 90 destinations throughout the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Combined, we operate more than 3,800 flights a day including more than 500 roundtrip markets.

    Where we fly

  • Low fares. Nothing to hide. That's Transfarency.SM

    We do things differently here at Southwest. So much so that we had to invent a word to describe it, Transfarency! It means that we’re all about being open and honest with our Customers and making sure pesky fees stay away from our low fares.

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  • Bag fees? Not on our plane.

    When you fly with us, your first and second checked bags fly free1 (yep, that includes skis and golf bags).
    1First and second checked bags. Weight and size limits apply.

  • No. Change. Fees. Yesss.

    In today’s fast-paced world, things can change in a moment’s notice. We continue to offer maximum flexibility if you need to modify your travel plans, by not charging change fees. If you need to change an upcoming flight itinerary, you’ll only pay the cost in fare difference and will never incur a separate change fee. Fees don’t fly with us!

  • With Rapid Rewards®, your points will take you places.

    Prepare to earn reward flights faster and easier than ever before. With unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and points that don’t expire*, you’ll be planning your next getaway in no time.

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    *Points don’t expire as long as you have flight or Partner earning activity every 24 months. Benefits apply to points transactions. All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply.

Rapid Rewards Last Activity Date

Rapid Rewards accounts will remain active and points won’t expire as long as you earn Rapid Rewards Points from flights or Partners every 24 months.

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