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More Ways to Earn

With the Rapid Rewards program, you'll be earning rewards fast. Whether you're flying, staying at your favorite hotel, or simply grabbing a bite to eat, you'll earn points for it*. You can even earn rewards fast through the Rapid Rewards Points Center by buying the points you need or sharing your points with family and friends to help them earn rewards.  Better start thinking about where to take your reward flight because you'll earn it before you know it.

Earn Points When You Fly Selected Earn with our partners

Earn When You Fly

The amount, type of fare, and payment method you choose determine how many points you earn.

Business Select

PTS per dollar*


example base fare

= 3,300 PTS earned*


PTS per dollar*


example base fare

= 2,500 PTS earned*

Wanna Get Away plus

PTS per dollar*


example base fare

= 1,500 PTS earned*

Wanna Get Away

PTS per dollar*


example base fare

= 750 PTS earned*

Note: Business Select Fares earn twice the points per dollar per qualifying flight* than Wanna Get Away Fares.
*A-List Rapid Rewards Members get a 25% earning bonus on every qualifying flight. Qualifying flights include flights booked and flown through Southwest and flights paid entirely with dollars, Southwest LUV Vouchers, gift cards or flight credits, and with no portion of the purchase price paid for with Rapid Rewards points.

Earn more points

with the Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card.

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