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Freedom to Redeem

The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to redeeming points, and that's a good thing! There are now options for both Rapid Rewards® Members and Rapid Rewards Credit Cardmembers. And with the Rapid Rewards Points Center, you can buy the points you need to top off your account balance when redeeming!

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Redeem For Flights

With Rapid Rewards®, every seat is a reward seat! Book your next trip with earned points and fly where you want, when you want.

The number of points needed for a reward flight depends on the fare. So when fares go on sale, so do the points needed for
redeeming a reward flight.

Redeem your Rapid Rewards points by selecting the show fares in points option when booking your next Southwest Airlines flight.

Book with points is easy:

  1. Log in to your Rapid Rewards account on the® homepage.
  2. Enter your flight information and view fares in points.
  3. Select your flight, review the price and schedule.
  4. You’re ready to check out! Input your information and then purchase the flight.

Simple enough, right? Time to pack your bags!

Redeem now

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about redeeming.

Planning your next trip? Go to over 99 destinations in the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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Need more points? With the Rapid Rewards Points Center, you can purchase additional points to get your reward flight even faster!


The number of points needed for a particular Southwest® flight is set by Southwest and will vary depending on destination, time, day of travel, demand, fare type, point redemption rate, and other factors, and are subject to change at any time until the booking is confirmed.

Starting July 1, 2023 (12:00 a.m. CT), for Wanna Get Away® or Wanna Get Away Plus® reward travel reservations (booked with points): If you do not cancel your reservation at least 10 minutes before the flight’s original scheduled departure time, any points used for booking will be forfeited, along with any taxes and fees associated with your reward travel reservation.

For Anytime or Business Select® reward travel reservations: the points used for booking will continue to be redeposited to the purchaser's Rapid Rewards® account, and any taxes and fees associated with the reward travel reservation will be converted into a Transferable Flight Credit™ for future use.

Earn more points

with the Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card.

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