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WiFi and Inflight Entertainment

By accessing the SouthwestWiFi hotspot onboard, you can make time fly on your own personal electronic device!

Free live and on-demand television:

  • Selection of live TV channels and select on-demand TV episodes from popular series. Where available. Limited time.
  • View a list of compatible devices
  • Due to licensing regulations, free live TV may not be available onboard WiFi-enabled international flights.

Internet access for $8 a day per device on WiFi-enabled aircraft:

  • Email, social networks, browsing and VPN access
  • In order to provide a top-notch WiFi experience, we limit access to certain high bandwidth applications and websites, including Netflix, HBO Go, and VoIP
  • Movies for $5, per movie, per device

To find out if your flight has WiFi, visit our "WiFi Finder" within 24 hours of departure and simply enter your confirmation number, first and last name.

Make sure you bring your powered device and headphones with you onboard so you can take full advantage of Southwest's Inflight Entertainment!

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