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Viewing travel restrictions for Mexico
Viewing travel restrictions for Mexico
Last updated:

Travel is allowed to Mexico with some limitations.

Last updated:
  • Documentation required
  • Re-entry into the United States: Starting January 26, all passengers traveling from an international destination will require proof and verification of a negative COVID-19 test obtained within 3 days of travel.
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Before you arrive

Travel form

Passengers traveling to Mexico are required to present a completed Questionnaire for Identification of Risk Factors in Travelers to immigration upon arrival.

After you arrive

Health Screenings

Travelers may be subject to health screening, including temperature checks, upon arrival.

Before you return


In addition to the above requirements for travel to our international destinations, the United States Government is requiring special procedures for all passengers, 2 years of age and older, traveling into the U.S.

What you’ll need:

To board a flight leaving from a foreign country with a destination in the United States you will need to do two things:

  1. Submit an attestation (written documentation) to the U.S. Government, through Southwest, that you are COVID-19 negative or have recently recovered from COVID-19. Each passenger will be required to submit a form (if you are traveling with others, they will also have to fill out the form) within 72 hours of your trip. You can find that form here, but will be unable to complete it until you are within the 72 hour window. However, if you do not complete the form prior to arriving at the airport, you will need to do so at the airport and before boarding.
  2. Bring evidence of your qualifying COVID-19 negative viral test result or your recent recovery from COVID-19, which could be either of the following:
    • A physical or electronic documentation of a qualifying COVID-19 negative viral test taken within 3 calendar days preceding your flight’s departure to the U.S. To find testing locations in Mexico, click on a destination below.
    • Evidence of recent recovery from COVID-19 including both (a) a signed letter on letterhead from a licensed healthcare provider or public health official that you have recovered from COVID-19 and are cleared for travel AND (b) physical or electronic documentation of a COVID-19 positive viral test result obtained within the 90 days preceding your flight to the United States.

You can learn more about these requirements and process at the US Centers for Disease Control.

Satisfaction of the travel requirements listed above will be verified at the airport prior to boarding, and if any Passenger does not meet these requirements, boarding will be denied.

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Face coverings

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Terms & conditions

Due to fast-changing government mandates and restrictions, this information is subject to change anytime and without notice. Depending on circumstances and travel itinerary, Passengers will be responsible for additional travel document requirements by destination.