Visit Central America.

Southwest® flies to Central America, where dense jungles, misty cloud forests, and cooled lava fields await your eager exploration. This ecological playground also offers an array of adrenaline-filled excursions, family-friendly activities, and more biodiversity than almost anywhere on earth. Whether you crave beaches, mountains, modern nightlife, or ancient cultures, it’s all there for you in Central America. Where will you start your adventure?

Central America destinations

Backpacking opportunities and beaches abound on the Central American subcontinent—so do rich cultural experiences, ancient landmarks, and so much more.


Whether it’s adventure you seek or simply a place to dig your toes in the sand, you’ll find it all here.

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Liberia, Costa Rica

Giddy-up, cowboys and cowgals, the sabanero culture hub of Costa Rica is calling your name.

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San Jose, Costa Rica

The capital city of Costa Rica is steeped in rich cultural history, but that hasn’t stopped it from evolving into a modern urban center.

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