Visit Tulsa.

When you deplane at Tulsa International Airport, you can either hop on a Tulsa Transit bus to make your way into town or rent a car to enjoy total freedom to explore the area. The rich history of the city even extends to the airport—in its earliest iteration, as McIntyre Field, Charles Lindbergh once landed for a much anticipated visit.

It could be said that Tulsa is a city built by oil. Once known as the Oil Capital of the World, the city was just a small town on the bank of the Arkansas River until its first oil well opened in the beginning of the 20th century. The booming growth over the next 30 years coincided with the popularity of the art deco architecture style; Tulsa is now home to several examples of this style, including the zigzag and streamline approaches. Fans of architecture can tour these landmark buildings, as well as fantastic examples of the Prairie School, whose architects were also influential throughout the city’s architecture.

The distinctive history of Tulsa isn’t just visible in its buildings—there are several culinary treats that also call Tulsey Town home. Thanks to its location near the South and West of the country, barbeque looms large in Tulsa—both pork and beef dishes. It’s most famous barbeque dish, though, is Oklahoma tenderloin—hickory-smoked bologna. Tulsa also has several Lebanese steakhouses. Once much more numerous in and around the region, thanks to pre-statehood Syrian and Lebanese settlers, most surviving examples of these eateries remain in the city proper.

If you choose to spend your visit exploring outdoors, the city is home to over 100 parks, several of which have trails for walking, running, or biking. Dotted amongst these parks and throughout the city are several fantastic pieces of public art. Since the late ’60s, one percent of the city’s annual budget has been dedicated to the purchase of publicly displayed artworks, often from local artists.

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Things to do in Tulsa.

Picture-perfect parks
  • Mohawk Park
  • Owen Park
  • Woodword Park
Enriching outings
  • Oklahoma Aquarium
  • Tulsa Ballet
  • Tulsa Youth Symphony
Can’t-miss museums
  • Philbrook Museum of Art
  • Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art
  • Woody Guthrie Center