Visit the Southwest.

Big-city denizens and lovers of natural wonders alike can find plenty to explore when visiting one of the many Southwest Airlines destinations in the Southwest region. Phoenix and Tucson may be modern-day boomtowns, continually on the go, but there’s plenty to be said for getting out into the desert heat to experience the unique vistas of the Southwest first-hand. What’s on your American Southwest bucket list? See where we can take you and start checking off places.

Southwest Airlines destinations in the Southwest.

See what you’ll discover when you jet off on your travels with Southwest Airlines.

Houston (Bush)

See why you’ll love visiting the Big Heart of the Lone Star State by flying into Houston (Bush).

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Dallas (Love Field)

Get ready to be wowed by the Big D! Dallas does everything big and they do it well—from blues to leading a herd of bronze steers.

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Austin is known for its quirky mix of attractions and activities to explore; see what makes this electrifying city wonderfully weird.

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San Antonio

300 years old and counting, San Antonio is home to both historic and modern sights. From frontier missions to amusement parks, the River City has something for everyone.

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El Paso

Explore this booming Lone Star State border city right next to the Rio Grande.

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Climb to new heights on your choice of mountain ranges, take a tour of the surrounding saguaro filled landscape, or enjoy the artsy, fun loving atmosphere found in the heart of this desert oasis.

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Desert volcanoes, striking mountain ranges, and a bustling city center—find all this and more when you visit the burgeoning city of Albuquerque.

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Two step your way to Lubbock—a thriving city that offers a one of a kind dance hall culture where crowds of all ages hoot, holler, and stomp.

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