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Airport Information

Check the list below to see how far in advance of your flight you should arrive at the airport and for more information about the products and services available there.  Although we confirm suggested arrival times with the airports quarterly, please note that the times are approximate, and more time could be needed based on weather, holidays, and busy travel periods.

When traveling to the U.S. from an international city, we suggest that you arrive at least three hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time during peak travel periods.

Boarding may begin as early as 30 minutes prior to your flight’s departure time. You should be in the gate area with your boarding pass in hand at least 10 minutes prior to departure, or your reservations may be cancelled and you will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation. As well, your remaining flights and funds may be forfeited in accordance with our No Show Policy. Learn More

If your itinerary includes at least one international leg, we suggest that you arrive at the airport at least 120 minutes prior to the departure time of the first flight in your itinerary. Your passport must be verified by an agent or kiosk at the Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time in order for you to be accommodated on your flight.

Please note that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires the following documentation at the security checkpoint of all airports:

  • Boarding pass or security document
  • A valid, government-issued ID
  • A valid, passport*

*A valid passport is always required for international travel, in addition to other documentation based on your destination. Documentation required to travel to foreign countries and/or re-enter the United States varies by country.

Depart City/AirportSuggested
Time of Arrival
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