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Southwest Airlines Flight Status Messaging

Conditions of Use

  • Southwest Airlines provides Flight Status Messaging for free; however, your service provider may charge a fee for receiving text messages on your device. Please contact your service provider for full details.
  • Southwest Airlines (“Southwest”) will make all reasonable efforts to provide you accurate and up-to-the-minute departure/arrival times and other information affecting the status of your flight. The reliability and timeliness of our flight status information and of the message delivery device or system you select, however, cannot be guaranteed.
  • Since Southwest strives to maintain an ontime schedule, even after we notify you that a flight may be delayed or cancelled, we may substitute or reroute aircraft at the last minute in order to get flights back on the published schedule. Since flight status and gate assignments may change at any time, check airport monitors for the most updated information.
  • Notwithstanding your receipt of any Southwest flight status notification message indicating that a flight may be delayed or cancelled, be advised that:
    1. Your reservation may be cancelled if you fail to obtain a Boarding Pass and arrive in the departure boarding gate area at least ten minutes prior to the flight departure time posted on airport monitors;
    2. If you arrive at the departure gate less than ten minutes prior to the departure time posted on airport monitors and you are denied boarding due to an oversell, or if you arrive at the gate after an oversold flight has already departed, you will not be entitled to Denied Boarding Compensation;
    3. Southwest will only pay ground delivery charges for delayed checked baggage if such baggage was tendered to a Southwest agent at least 45 minutes prior to the flight departure time posted on airport monitors; and
    4. Southwest assumes no liability for any inconvenience, expenses, or consequential damages you may incur as a result of reliance on information provided via the automated Southwest Flight Status Messaging service.

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