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No Change Fees

Maximum flexibility. Minimum stress.

We understand plans change, so we don’t charge a fee to change your mind. If you’d like to change a flight itinerary, you’ll just pay for any fare difference.
To learn more, visit our FAQs page.

More fees, more problems. Unless, of course, you travel the Transfarency® way.1 #FeesDontFly

  1st Checked Bag 2nd Checked Bag Flight Change Fee Feels Like
Southwest® $0 $0 $0 Yes!
American $25 $35 $200 Yikes.
United $30 $40 $200 Ooof.
Delta $30 $40 $200 Whaaat?!
JetBlue $30 $40 $75 Really.

1Based on data available on the airlines' websites as of 03/04/2019 and the airlines' lowest unbundled domestic main cabin fare for Customers without status or qualified circumstances: [a] Checked bag fees shown are those charged at the time the Customer booked the flight. First and second checked bags. Weight and size limits apply. [b] Change fees shown are those charged prior to the day of departure. Fare difference may apply. Delta change fee based on Main Cabin Fare.