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Mobile Boarding Pass

Southwest Airlines Right at Your Fingertips:
Introducing Mobile Boarding Pass

Southwest has launched the use of Mobile Boarding Pass, an electronic document that enables Customers to pass through security and board the aircraft just by using their mobile device.

Where Is Mobile Boarding Pass Available?

Mobile boarding passes are now available at all U.S. airports Southwest serves. They're not currently available to Passengers traveling on international flights.

How Does It Work?

Using a mobile boarding pass is easy:

  1. Check in for your flight at least one hour before your scheduled departure.
  2. During check-in, select how you’d like to receive your mobile pass: email, text message or view in browser.
  3. Save the pass to your device.
  4. Present your mobile pass at security checkpoints and during boarding.

Receiving your Mobile Boarding Pass

While checking in for your flight, select one of the following three methods of delivery for your mobile boarding pass:

  1. View in browser
    View your mobile boarding pass in a new browser window on your device when checking in via the Southwest mobile site or app.
  2. Email
    Have a mobile-optimized email containing your boarding pass sent to your inbox. If your email is synced with your phone you’ll be able to view your mobile boarding pass right on your device. If you have multiple boarding passes you’ll receive a separate email for each pass.
  3. Text Message
    Receive a text with a link to your mobile boarding pass.
    Tap on the link to view your boarding pass in a new browser window on your phone. If you have multiple boarding passes you’ll receive a separate text message for each pass.

Saving your Mobile Boarding Pass

Be sure to save your mobile boarding pass to your phone for easy accessibility during travel and when you don’t have internet access.

Save to Apple Wallet on iOS
iOS (version 8 or higher) users can check in and save their boarding pass directly to Apple Wallet from the mobile site or app. While viewing the boarding pass on the app tap the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button directly under the barcode. This will display your boarding pass. Tap ‘Add’ on the top-right corner of the screen to save your boarding pass to Apple Wallet. For saving passes from an email, open the attachment found at the bottom the email, tap ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ and follow the same steps above. Please be sure to save each mobile boarding pass individually as a Wallet pass for flight check-in.

Saving on Android
Android app users (version 6.0 or higher) can check in and save their boarding pass directly to Google Pay from the app. While viewing the boarding pass on the app, tap the 'Save to Phone' button towards the top of the page. A modal will appear where a user can confirm saving the pass to Google Pay.

Mobile web users can save their mobile boarding pass to the photo gallery by tapping on the orange 'Save Image to Photos' button. Your boarding pass will display in a pop up. From there, follow the directions to tap and hold on the image, saving the mobile boarding pass to your photo gallery.

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