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Traveling with Animals


Southwest Airlines welcomes small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an appropriate pet carrier in the aircraft cabin.

Animals are not allowed to travel in-cabin on international flights or any itinerary that includes an international flight.

Pet Fare Price:

  • Pets traveling are subject to a $95 Pet Fare each way per pet carrier.

Learn more about traveling with your pet.

Law Enforcement/Search and Rescue Dogs

Southwest Airlines accepts fully-trained law enforcement service dogs trained in explosives or drug detection (or other specific functions) and search and rescue dogs for transportation, without charge, when accompanied by their respective handlers on official business.  Each Customer traveling with a law enforcement or search and rescue dog must present a letter of mission and a copy of the animal’s certification.  In accordance with federal safety regulations, the dog(s) must be positioned so as not to obstruct Customers’ expeditious evacuation in the unlikely event of an emergency.  In addition, law enforcement and search and rescue dogs may not occupy a seat or sit in an emergency exit row.

Assistance Animals

Trained assistance animals traveling with and providing assistance to a Customer with a disability are accepted in the aircraft cabin.

Trained assistance animals and emotional support animals will be allowed to travel on flights to/from all domestic and international destinations with the exception of Jamaica. No animals will be allowed to travel to/from Jamaica on Southwest Airlines under any circumstances due to country-specific regulations.

Passengers must provide current documentation to a Southwest Employee prior to traveling with an emotional support animal.

Rapid Rewards Last Activity Date

Rapid Rewards accounts will remain active and points won’t expire as long as you earn Rapid Rewards Points from flights or Partners every 24 months.

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