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Mobile Web Site

The web address for the Southwest mobile site is:

First, you will need a smartphone device or iPad® with wireless or data access functionality and a web browser. Then, you will need to input the following URL/web address: If you access from a mobile device and the site can detect you are using a mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to We recommend that you bookmark the web address to make it easier to access in the future.

Data access gives you access to the Internet through your web-enabled smartphone device. In most cases, your service provider requires a subscription to take advantage of the features on your device.

Many of the same features available at are also available at, including:

  • View mobile boarding pass
  • Checkin for flights
  • Book air and car reservations
  • Change and cancel air reservations
  • Access your Rapid Rewards account, and more!

The mobile app is available for Apple iOS devices via the App Store and for Android devices on Google Play. As of November 2013, we no longer support the Southwest app on the BlackBerry platform.

Yes, we are constantly monitoring Customer feedback and planning future enhancements to the Southwest mobile experience.

Currently, the Southwest app is available on Apple iOS devices and Android devices. As of November 2013, we no longer support the Southwest app on the BlackBerry platform. Our goal is to provide a great experience to as many Customers as possible regardless of the device or operating system they prefer. We are constantly evaluating Customer demand for device and operating system support both through Customer feedback as well as by monitoring the actual site usage analytics. We then must evaluate that data alongside the costs to maintain multiple platforms.

Yes, Flight Status Information is available through and via the app.

You will need your confirmation number and the first and last name of one of the Passengers listed in the reservation. Customers traveling on nonrevenue listings or paper tickets can checkin via the mobile site, but will still need to see an agent at the ticket counter at the airport to receive a security document. To print your security document prior to your flight, visit from a computer that is connected to a printer.

The checkin confirmation screen on your mobile device will display the boarding group and position below each Passenger's name.

If you qualify for a mobile boarding pass you will be able to choose how to receive it during the final step of the checkin process. There you will be able to choose whether to receive your boarding pass via email, text or view your boarding pass on your mobile device. If you choose to text or view your mobile boarding pass, we recommend you tap the button to save it to your device for quick access when going through security and boarding the plane. For additional information about mobile boarding passes, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have checked in for your flight via our mobile site or app, proceed to the airport and go to the nearest self-service kiosk (where available) to print your boarding pass. The system will recognize that you have already checked in for your flight, so you will need to request a reprint of your boarding pass. The boarding pass will reflect the boarding group that was indicated on the checkin confirmation screen on your mobile device. You may also get your boarding pass at the Ticket Counter, Skycap Podium (where available), or online at

Yes, however, the mobile checkin process will check in all Passengers included on the reservation. Unlike online checkin at, there is not an option to check in one Passenger at a time. If you wish to check in a single Passenger traveling in a multi-passenger reservation, please do so at

NOTE: If one of the Passengers traveling on a multi-passenger reservation does not qualify for online checkin (i.e., age-restricted, military, group, etc.), the other Passengers who do qualify will be able to check in and retrieve their own boarding passes if their Rapid Rewards(r) number is associated with the trip and they are logged into the app on their phone.

The mobile site and app checkin process will check in all Passengers who have not yet checked in and will re-display the boarding group that was previously assigned to the Passenger(s) who have checked in.

Credit cards are the only monetary form of payment accepted at this time. You are also able to purchase flights using Rapid Rewards points if you are logged into your account and have sufficient points available to do so.

Yes, you can enter a promotion code when booking via or using the app.

Yes, you will still receive a confirmation email and can elect to have a confirmation email sent to one other email address when booking via the mobile site or app.

Yes! Users are able to book international flights via the 5.6.1+ versions of the Android and iOS mobile apps or the mobile website.

No, Southwest does not charge a fee to access the mobile version of or to download and use the app. However, your wireless carrier may assess data or Internet access fees. These fees vary by carrier, and we recommend that you contact your wireless provider for additional information.

No, at this time, you are only able to buy incremental Rapid Rewards Points and transfer points to friends and family at

We currently don’t support password retrieval via our mobile site and app. You will need to visit the full site to reset your password.

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