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General Rapid Rewards

For reward travel, you can check in online at®, Southwest® mobile app, or at the self-service kiosk beginning 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. If checking luggage, you will need to present a government-issued photo ID at the Southwest® ticket counter or skycap podium. Then present your boarding pass and government-issued photo ID at the security line and proceed to the gate. If you're not checking luggage, there's no need to stop by the ticket counter, you can proceed directly to the security line.

For international travel (when departing the U.S. and when departing from an international destination), you must verify your passport with an Agent or kiosk at the Southwest® ticket counter at least 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

Points will remain active as long as you have at least one qualifying earning activity every 24 months. Qualifying earning activity includes 1) completed revenue travel on flights flown through Southwest Airlines® and posted to the Member’s account prior to the expiration date; 2) points earned by transacting with any current Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® partner (including transfers from applicable Rapid Rewards partners and completed Southwest Vacations® hotel stays) and posted to the Member’s account prior to the expiration date; 3) points earned using Rapid Rewards® Credit Cards and through points transferred from Diners Club® and posted to the Member’s account prior to the expiration date and 4) points purchased for personal account use through and posted to the Member’s account prior to the expiration date. Points gifted or transferred to another Member will only keep the recipient's point balance active after the points have been claimed by the recipient. Examples of activities that do not count as qualifying activities include but are not limited to: cancelled trips; nonrevenue travel such as reward or Companion Pass travel; for the donating Member, points donated to a charity; and other travel such as charter flights, service-charged, reduce-rate, trade out, and extra seat.


It takes up to 72 hours after completion of your flight for points to post to your account. For transactions with Rapid Rewards® partners, visit their terms and conditions to learn more about the expected timeframe for points to post to your account.

Earn points on Southwest Airlines® at least once every 24 months with flight-earning or partner-earning activity, and your points expiration date will automatically be extended for an additional 24 months from the date of your most recent earning activity.

In order to keep points from expiring, any qualifying earning activity must be completed and posted to Member’s account within 24 months of the most recent point earned.

No. Your points will expire, however, the account is still accessible through and stored credit cards are available. 

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Rapid Rewards Last Activity Date

Rapid Rewards accounts will remain active and points won’t expire as long as you earn Rapid Rewards Points from flights or Partners every 24 months.

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