Southwest Airlines Reaccommodation Practices and Information:

  • When Southwest Airlines learns of events that may affect our flights' departures such as inclement conditions or airport anomalies that may hinder our Customers' abilities to get to/from a particular airport, we will offer Customers the opportunity to change their travel dates and/or flight times at no additional charge.
  • Even though Southwest is offering the opportunity to make these changes, the Customer's original flight(s) may operate as scheduled, so changing travel dates and/or flight times is completely voluntary and not required.
  • Customers who would like to alter their travel plans may rebook in the original class of service (or fly standby) and travel must take place within 14 days of their original travel date between the original city pairs. (In some cases when a particular airport is affected, and Southwest serves a "sister airport" or "co-terminal", we will offer the flexibility to depart from/arrive into an alternate airport. For example, if San Francisco International Airport is affected, Customers may be offered the opportunity to change to the San Jose or Oakland airports.)
  • Only Customers who purchased their ticket(s) on are eligible to rebook via our online View or Change Your Flight service. All other Customers should call our toll-free number (800) 435-9792 for assistance.
  • If changes are made for travel outside the parameters of Southwest Airlines' reaccommodation practices, the changes are subject to the original fare restrictions and may result in a higher fare.
  • Customers who have booked a Business Select Fare may change to another flight with Business Select or may switch to an Anytime Fare when Business Select is unavailable.