Travel Event Rebooking and Refund Instructions

Travel Agents may self-serve Southwest Airlines GDS tickets for Customers who've been impacted by inclement weather conditions by reissuing tickets with new travel dates and/or flight times. Travel Agents may also issue a refund in the event of a flight cancellation due to inclement weather. Below are the guidelines for reissuing or refunding a ticket impacted by inclement weather events;

Reissue Ticket
Travel plans must be rebooked in the original class of service when available. If original class of service is not available for WGA, Customers may book ANY fares. Changing from a WGA or ANY Fare to a BUS without collecting additional funds will result in debit memo(s).

Travel must take place within 14 days of the original travel date between the original city pairs. In some cases when a particular airport is affected, and Southwest serves a "sister airport" or "co-terminal", we will offer the flexibility to depart from/arrive into an alternate airport. For example, if San Francisco International Airport is affected, Customers may be offered the opportunity to change to the San Jose or Oakland airports.

Ticket Agent must enter 'EVENTXXXXXXXX' (XXXXXXXX = 8-digit affected date is Month-Day-Year) in the endorsement when servicing a ticket exchange of a reservation affected by an irregular operation

Refund Ticket
If a flight has been cancelled due to inclement weather, Travel Agents may request a refund if; the refund request was submitted after Southwest Airlines cancelled the flight, the refund was requested for impacted cities and dates published on Refunded transactions that do not meet this criteria will be subject to debit memo(s).

The same event code 'EVENTXXXXXXXX' (XXXXXXXX = 8-digit affected date is Month-Day-Year) should be used when refunding a Southwest-initiated cancelled flight refund due to inclement weather.