Partners play a crucial role in our environmental sustainability efforts, including government support and collaboration throughout the entire value chain. The success of Southwest's sustainability journey will not be just because of our own actions, but also because of our relationships with key organizations whose work complements our efforts to achieve our goals and advance environmental sustainability.


We're excited to partner with 4Air, an aviation sustainability company providing consulting, documentation, and rating services, to offer corporate Customers in our SAF beta program independently verified assurance for the Scope 3 emission reduction rights associated with their support of the use of SAF in Southwest's operations. Southwest® has processes in place to track rights to emission reductions for our corporate partners in the program, and we are proud to partner with 4Air to verify that the purchased rights to emission reductions have been correctly accounted for.


We're an advisory member of ASCENT or the FAA Center of Excellence for Alternative Jet Fuels and Environment, a coalition of 16 leading U.S. research universities and over 60 private sector stakeholders committed to reducing the environmental impact of aviation. As a member of the advisory committee, we support ASCENT's mission to meet the environmental and energy goals of the Next Generation Air Transportation system, explore ways to produce sustainable aviation fuels at commercial scale, and discover science-based solutions that will benefit the industry and improve the health and quality of life of those living and working around airports.

Airlines for America (A4A)

As a member of Airlines for America, we support its goal to work with government leaders and other stakeholders to make three billion gallons of cost-competitive SAF available to U.S. aircraft operators by 2030 and to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Aviation Climate Taskforce (ACT)

We're a founding member of Aviation Climate Taskforce (ACT), a nonprofit with a goal of accelerating breakthroughs in emerging technologies required to decarbonize the aviation sector such as synthetic fuels and direct air capture. ACT has expressed plans to support the advancement of these and other technologies aimed at helping air carriers achieve carbon neutrality through an Innovation Network and Collaboration Forum. We're excited to collaborate with this innovative group on decarbonizing aviation and advancing critical science to support that objective.

Calyx Global

We're excited to announce that in December 2022, we began working with Calyx Global, a company that provides independent ratings and insights on the quality of carbon credits, including their greenhouse gas (GHG) integrity and UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) benefits.


We're thrilled to work with CHOOOSE on our carbon offset offer that allows Customers to earn 10 Rapid Rewards® bonus points per dollar spent on offsets, with up to a maximum of 500 Rapid Rewards bonus points per month.* For every dollar a Customer spends on carbon offsets, we'll contribute a dollar to the purchase of additional offsets to support global projects, and such additional offsets will be retired for Southwest.* Learn more about the carbon offset program. Learn more about the carbon offset program.

See full details below.*

Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)

CAAFI is a government and industry coalition for the development and deployment of alternative jet fuel for commercial aviation. As a member of CAAFI, Southwest Airlines® promotes the development of alternative jet fuel options that offer equivalent Safety and competitive costs compared with petroleum-based jet fuel, while offering environmental improvement and energy supply security for aviation.

Contrail Impact Task Force

We joined forces with academic, technology, nonprofit, and airline partners to launch the Contrail Impact Task Force in 2022. The cross-sector task force was established to explore the formation and mitigation of condensation trails, or "contrails," that might affect the climate impact of some flights. Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Breakthrough Energy, two clean-energy nonprofits, are spearheading the task force, which met for the first time in October 2022 at Southwest's Corporate Campus. We recognize that addressing the potential impact of contrails is an important step in our industry's environmental sustainability journey, and we're eager to better understand how each airline's potential impact may vary based on its routes and schedule.

Corporate Partners

Southwest Business collaborates with companies to support and advance sustainability initiatives within their corporate travel portfolios. We engaged with valued corporate Customers in SAF beta partnership agreements that support our utilization of SAF in our operation through the purchase of certain Scope 3 emission reductions rights from Southwest's use of such SAF.

We've also launched the Green Incentive Program, a Southwest Business performance-based incentive program that provides eligible corporate Customers—including Bio-Rad Laboratories and WM in 2022—the opportunity to earn and use funds for their company's sustainability initiatives, which could include offsets or other programs.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

In 2021, we announced our ongoing support of the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to develop commercially viable and scalable sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Southwest continues to support NREL's work to develop low-carbon, low-cost, high-performance aviation fuels. Through our work with organizations like NREL, we embrace opportunities to advance the crucial science needed to develop commercially viable and scalable SAF.

Repurpose with Purpose

The Repurpose with Purpose Program is Southwest's global sustainability initiative that upcycles items such as leather aircraft seat coverings and transforms them into new products. Southwest partners with organizations to reimagine thousands of pounds of materials every year, helping keep it out of landfills.

SMBC Aviation Capital

In December 2022, we engaged with SMBC Aviation Capital (SMBC) to discuss the purchase of carbon credits from SMBC's newly launched carbon credit program, and in March 2023, we agreed to purchase more than 400,000 carbon credits over five years that will be sourced from energy-efficient cookstove projects in Africa and Central America. According to SMBC, its carbon credit projects were subject to independent due diligence by Climate Focus, a Dutch company, and the credits will be certified by either Gold Standard or Verra and align with up to 10 of the 17 United Nations SDGs, including Good Health and Wellbeing, Gender Equality, and Climate Action.

Yale University's Center for Natural Carbon Capture

In 2021, we proudly announced a $10 million commitment to Yale University's Center for Natural Carbon Capture and Yale's School of the Environment. This commitment aims to fund activity at the Center to research and explore innovative natural solutions to mitigate net greenhouse gas emissions.

We recognize the importance of supporting initiatives outside of aviation that take a long-term approach to decarbonization. This innovative partnership provides opportunities to help the development of crucial science to combat climate change, including fostering innovative research aimed at advancing efforts to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

*Carbon emissions for flight activity are estimated using several factors such as: aircraft type, conventional jet fuel consumption, flight distance, and assumed load factor. Emission estimates are based on the fleet wide distance-weighted average performance of Southwest's flights from the Second Quarter of 2022. Southwest's emissions estimates do not quantify the potential climate change impact of non-carbon emissions resulting from a flight or non-flight factors, such as the production or transportation of conventional jet fuel to the aircraft prior to takeoff. Actual carbon emissions may vary from estimates. Taxes and fees (except for the processing fee) will not be matched by Southwest or earn points. Rapid Rewards® Members can earn 10 Rapid Rewards bonus points per dollar spent on offsets up to a maximum of 500 Rapid Rewards bonus points per month. Points will only be awarded to the Member's Rapid Rewards account number entered at the time of the carbon offset transaction. Southwest's matching contribution will be used to purchase additional offsets to support global projects, and such additional offsets will be retired for Southwest. Terms and conditions apply. This portfolio of projects is subject to change at any time without notice, and Customer offset purchases may support carbon offset projects that are not presented on this website. Southwest makes no representations or guarantees, including, but not limited to, representations or guarantees of integrity, quality, and permanence, with respect to the offsets ultimately purchased or sourced by CHOOOSE™ using Customer funds or with funds contributed by Southwest. Southwest's matching contribution will be used to purchase additional offsets to support global projects, and such additional offsets will be retired for Southwest.

The Southwest Airlines One Report

Explore our annual corporate social responsibility report, the Southwest Airlines One Report. This integrated Citizenship report covers significant social, economic, and environmental stories, as well as data tables, and reporting frameworks, all through the lens of corporate Citizenship. Our disclosures have been prepared in reference to the following standards: the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).