Rapid Rewards® Business makes business travel work for you.

Join Rapid Rewards® Business, a business loyalty program where businesses and travelers can earn points for Southwest travel.

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Wanna earn 25,000 Rapid Rewards Business points for your business?

By 12/31/2021, apply for Rapid Rewards Business below, and if your business is qualified, book and fly two round trips within 90 days of enrollment.

This offer is for new Rapid Rewards® Business Members only. See full terms and conditions below. Rapid Rewards® Business is a rewards program offered by Southwest Airlines® Co. for select, qualified Southwest® Business Customers.

Every flight earns points for your business.

Earn Rapid Rewards Business points for Southwest travel booked under your dedicated Southwest Company ID in SWABIZ®, API/Direct Connect, or the GDS. Rapid Rewards Business points can be applied toward future travel. Don’t worry–your travelers will earn Rapid Rewards points for their own accounts, too!

Business Select®


points per dollar



points per dollar

Wanna Get Away®


point per dollar

Does my business qualify for Rapid Rewards Business?

    Qualifying businesses must:

  • Have a minimum of two linked Rapid Rewards Members who will travel on behalf of the business.
  • Not be a third party intermediary or agency that sells or arranges air, hotel, transportation, or other travel reservations on behalf of a business.
  • Not have another travel agreement with Southwest Business.
  • Have an active SWABIZ® account and Company ID Number (CID).
  • Have a valid EIN tax ID.

Apply for Rapid Rewards® Business

Take your business even further.

  • Rapid Rewards Business points don’t expire.
  • Instantly manage and redeem Rapid Rewards Business points through SWABIZ.
  • Points are usable on any seat, any day, any time.
  • Your travelers still earn points through Rapid Rewards.
  • If you need to cancel, all points will return to your company account.
  • No fees for flight cancellations1 or changes2, and bags fly free®3.
1Failure to cancel a reservation at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure may result in forfeited travel funds.
2Fare difference may apply.
3First and second checked bags. Weight and size limits apply.

Already a Rapid Rewards Business Member?

Thanks for being a part of Rapid Rewards Business! If you’ve got questions on how to earn or access your Rapid Rewards Business points, please check out the welcome packet and FAQs below, or contact us.

Questions about Southwest Business?
Contact us or read our FAQs.

    Frequently asked questions:

  • Rapid Rewards Business
    • What is Rapid Rewards® Business?

      Q: What is Rapid Rewards Business?

      A: Rapid Rewards Business is a corporate loyalty program designed to reward companies for flying Southwest®. While your travelers will still earn their personal Rapid Rewards points, your company can earn a separate bank of points to offset future travel expense. Companies can earn the following number of points for each fare type booked:

      • • Booking Business Select®: 3 points per dollar
      • • Booking Anytime: 2 points per dollar
      • • Booking Wanna Get Away®: 1 point per dollar

      Q: What qualifications does a company have to meet in order to sign up for the program?

      A: Rapid Rewards Business is open to companies with a tax ID (EIN) or DUNS number; 2 or more travelers; and who do not have an established corporate agreement, discount, or other agreement with Southwest Airlines®. Third party intermediaries engaged in selling and arranging air, hotel, transportation, and other travel reservations on behalf of a business, or multiple business entities may not be enrolled as Members in the program.

      Q: If my company is not located in the United States, can the company still enroll in Rapid Rewards Business?

      A: Yes. However, by enrolling in the Rapid Rewards Business program, you acknowledge that all transactions and activities relating to the program will be deemed to take place exclusively in the state of Texas, United States of America, regardless of where any Member may be located or reside or the destination or origin of any flight. You acknowledge that all monetary amounts and fees relating to such transactions will only be expressed and processed in U.S. dollars and that Southwest is not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations that may affect the value that any Member receives in any other currency, that your credit card company or bank may charge you fees or charges related to your transactions as a Member, and that you will be solely responsible for any such fees or charges.

      Q: Are Rapid Rewards Business points specific to my company?

      A: Yes! Your company earns points off each flight that is booked through your designated booking tool (the traveler must have their individual Rapid Rewards number stored as well).

      Q: Do my travelers have access to these points?

      A: Only designated travel managers with full access authorization within the SWABIZ profile can access Rapid Reward Business points.

    • How do I earn Rapid Rewards Business Points?

      Q: How do I earn points?

      A: Rapid Rewards Business Members can earn points from flights:

      • (a) booked by a traveler through swabiz.com (Southwest Airlines proprietary corporate travel booking tool)
      • (b) booked through direct connect (Southwest Partner Services [SPS] is an API/Direct Connect technology that integrates into a company’s existing travel management tools) channels
      • (c) booked Global Distribution Channels (a channel that enables transactions between Southwest and travel agencies)

      In order to earn points, a reservation must be booked:

      • (a) on SWABIZ for a passenger who previously linked their Rapid Rewards account number to the Corporate Identification Number (CID) for SWABIZ. The individual traveler’s Rapid Rewards account number and CID must be used at the time of booking or prior to the commencement of travel and (b) flown by such traveler, regardless of who purchased or paid for the ticket.
      • (b) on SPS by providing the traveler’s Rapid Rewards account number and CID at the time of booking or prior to the commencement of travel and (b) flown by such traveler, regardless of who purchased or paid for the ticket.
      • (c) via the GDS by providing by providing the traveler’s Rapid Rewards account number and unique tour code at the time of booking or prior to the commencement of travel and (b) flown by such traveler, regardless of who purchased or paid for the ticket.

      Q: How do you link a personal travelers RR account to my company’s account in SWABIZ?

      A: In order to link a personal traveler to a SWABIZ Account, the traveler must visit swabiz.com and log in with your Company ID Number and their individual Rapid Reward account number.

      Once verified, travelers can book through SWABIZ, and their business will earn points.

      Q: Can my company earn points without my travelers having a Rapid Rewards number?

      A: No. Your company cannot earn points if your traveler does not have Rapid Rewards number or if their Rapid Rewards number is not linked within your booking tool. In order to make the most out of this program, you’ll want your travelers to enroll in Rapid Rewards—it’s free, and travelers and businesses both benefit!

      Q: Is there a way for this program to be retroactive because we traveled a lot last year?

      A: Your earning potential begins when you enroll into the partnership. Points cannot be retroactively added to any previous potential bookings.

      Q: Your earning potential begins when you enroll into the partnership. Points cannot be retroactively added to any previous potential bookings.

      A: Your earning potential begins when you enroll into the partnership. Points cannot be retroactively added to any previous potential bookings.

      Q: Do we earn points for every traveler if just one traveler has a Rapid Rewards account number?

      A: Each individual booking must contain that traveler’s personal Rapid Rewards account number in order for the company to earn Rapid Rewards Business points for that flight.

      Q: Do my travelers still earn their personal points?

      A: Absolutely! Your travelers will still earn their personal Rapid Rewards points into their personal account, while Rapid Rewards Business points will be awarded to the company’s account.

      Q: How do my travelers add their Rapid Rewards number within their preferred online booking tool or GDS?

      A: Your travelers should ask their travel management company (TMC) to get specific details on how to add the traveler’s individual Rapid Rewards numbers within their preferred tool.

      Q: Do Rapid Rewards Business points expire?

      A: No! Rapid Rewards Business points do not expire and can be used on any seat, any day, and any time to purchase a flight.

    • How to I redeem my Rapid Rewards Business points?

      Q: Where can I see my Company’s point balance?

      A: In order to view your company’s eligible Rapid Rewards Business point balance, you must login to SWABIZ with your Company CID and password. Only full access Corporate Travel Managers listed on the SWABIZ profile will have access to view and utilize Rapid Reward Business points on behalf of your company.

      Q: How do I use my points?

      A: Points can be redeemed immediately through SWABIZ.

      Points can only be redeemed on SWABIZ, regardless of the booking tool in which they were earned. Once you log in as a Travel Manager through the SWABIZ tool, you will be able to see your balance along the top banner. From there, swabiz.com is designed to mirror Southwest.com® in the booking flow. Just make sure to toggle to “points” instead of “dollars.”

      Q: Can I redeem Rapid Rewards Business points for things other than Southwest flights?

      A: Rapid Reward Business is a partnership geared towards offsetting future flight costs. At this time, the points can only be redeemed for such.

      Q: Can I buy EarlyBird Check-In® on a points reservation?

      A: You can buy EarlyBird Check-In as an addition on a flight you booked with points, but you cannot pay for EarlyBird Check-In with points at this time.

      Q: What happens to my Rapid Rewards Business points if I cancel my traveler’s reservation?

      A: No problem! There are no cancellation fees, and all points are deposited back into your company’s account for future use.

      Q: Why can’t I redeem my points via SPS or GDS if you are allowing me to earn points via these channels?

      A: While we partner with different booking tools to allow for our fares to be booked, Rapid Reward Business points must be utilized directly on swabiz.com.

      You do not have to use SWABIZ as your main booking tool; this can be used only for redemption of RRB points.

      SWABIZ allows travel managers maximum flexibility and immediate self-service access to managing and redeeming Rapid Rewards Business points. There’s no lost time requesting vouchers or figuring out how to redeem your points.

    • Reporting and Reconciliation

      Q: How do I see and manage my points?

      1. Go to swabiz.com
      2. Log in to your SWABIZ account my clicking "Travel Manager Login."
      3. Enter your company ID number, Travel Manager's first and last name, and the SWABIZ account password.

      Q: Once you log in, you can easily manage and redeem your Rapid Rewards Business points.

      A: Along the top banner, you will see the company point balance. The swabiz.com booking flow mirrors that of Southwest.com on purpose to simplify the redemption process. Make sure switch the toggle to "points" instead of “dollars.”

      Q: What type of reporting can I do on the utilization of our program?

      A:There are a few usage reports available on SWABIZ under the “Reporting” tab.

      • • You can see the points you’re earning and using.
      • • You can validate that travelers are using their Rapid Rewards number in reservations. This ensures you are maximizing your earning potential.

      To see full Rapid Rewards Business program rules, visit the Rapid Rewards Business Terms and Conditions page.

  • GDS
    • General content

      Q: Where can I find Southwest’s ARC ticketing policies?

      A: Southwest’s ARC ticketing policies, as well as the associated Travel Agent Addendum, can be found here: https://www.southwest.com/html/swabiz/gds-policy.html

      Q: Will all GDS systems benefit from Southwest full participation?

      A: While capabilities will differ between GDS providers, Southwest will make the same content available to Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre GDS’s. You will also now have the benefit of full ticket settlement via ARC.

      Q: Who do I contact if I do not have access to Southwest content in the GDS or have questions?

      If you have any questions about Southwest content please email TMCRelations@wnco.com for more information. Please note that content will only be made available to approved US-based agencies that are ARC accredited.

      Q: Will customers outside of US point of sale be given Southwest full GDS access?

      A: Southwest bookings can only be ticketed by ARC accredited agencies in the US, with USD currency only. Outside of the US you may access Southwest Airlines content via Southwest.com.

      Q: Can an OTA or a Meta Search agency get access to Southwest?

      A: OTAs and Meta Search agencies are not being approved by SWA to get content through Travelport GDS nor any other GDS provider. Southwest does not allow any travel agency to openly distribute our content via any online platform directly to consumers.

      Q: Will there be fares and/or content available via Southwest directly but not in the GDS?

      A: Yes, Southwest will have some “direct fares” that are only available through one of our direct sales channels.

      Q: Will EarlyBird® purchases be available in the GDS?

      is now available for purchase in Amadeus. Reservations booked in all other GDS’s can purchase EarlyBird® on Southwest.com. The travel agency will retain ownership of their GDS issued ticket even if EarlyBird® is purchased directly with Southwest.

      Q: Will Southwest send emails for ARC transactions?

      A: Southwest will no longer send confirmation emails for GDS issued tickets. You will continue to see emails sent for any transaction that is exchanged, or issued, by Southwest Airlines direct.

      Q: What is the process for changing a company’s discount filing or tracking agreement with Southwest?

      A: Any change to the way a corporate travel agreement is set up first requires the company reaching out to their Southwest Account Manager. Southwest must make changes to ATPCO fare filings for any applicable discounts, and our Account Manager must update our CRM system to ensure our reporting is not interrupted. More specific information will be shared once the company has engaged their Southwest Account Manager.

      Q: Will Mexico destinations be available in the GDS?

      A: Currently tickets are unavailable for sale in all GDS’s for travel to any destination in Mexico. You may see scheduled service, but it’s unable to sale in any GDS. Please note that if a travel agency issues a ticket to one of Southwest’s Mexico destinations, you will receive a debit memo.

    • Existing GDS bookings and cutover handling guidelines

      Q: What will happen to my un-ticketed PNRs on day of cutover for Sabre?

      A: It is expected that all un-ticketed bookings will either be canceled or ticketed prior to cutover. Any reservations left unticketed in the BBR environment will automatically cancelled by the GDS on the cutover day.

      Q: What will happen with already ticketed PNRs that need servicing? (exchanges, refunds)

      A: Bookings done prior to the any of the GDS cutover dates will need to be serviced by Southwest directly. Tickets issued prior to the cutover will not be available for exchange or refund in the GDS channel.

      Q: I canceled a booking made using Sabre BBR, Basic Booking Reservation, can this credit now be applied to a new ticket in GDS?

      A: All credits on Southwest RTF, residual travel funds, will need to be exchanged in a Southwest direct channel for ticketing. RTFs are not redeemable via any GDS channel and will need to be applied to a new reservation directly with Southwest.

    • New booking process questions

      Q: Will we still be able to hold bookings before ticketing?

      A: Yes, and part of the change to full participation is that a ticketing deadline will be generated for each booking. The reservation will be held until 11:59PM local time, NEXT DAY (not next business day). Fare rules supersede the ticketing time limit. **Please note that any churned reservations will result in a debit memo**

      Q: Will agents be able to add a Rapid Rewards loyalty number in their GDS bookings?

      A: Yes. Loyalty numbers in GDS bookings will be handled as with any other carrier. Clients with a Rapid Rewards status such as A-List, A-List Preferred will be recognized and applied in GDS bookings, through the status level in the FQTV line. Please note that GDS reservations will decline an invalid Rapid Rewards number when entered in a reservation. However, name verification is not executed for GDS reservations. If the name is incorrect the Rapid Rewards number will not be attached to the reservation, even though it was entered in the GDS.

      Q: How do we book groups with Southwest? Can we claim a PNR?

      A: Any Southwest group booking is to be handled by Southwest directly. Southwest will not allow claim PNR in the GDS for booked groups. All group bookings are confirmed and ticketed by Southwest direct.

      Q: Can I access/view in the GDS a booking created on Southwest website?

      A: No. All bookings completed within a Southwest channel will remain with Southwest and cannot be accessed in the GDS’s

      Q: Can I access/view on Southwest’s website a booking created in the GDS?

      A: Yes. Any booking done in the GDS can be accessed on the Southwest website or by a Southwest agent.

      Q: Can my GDS booking be serviced by Southwest directly?

      A: Yes. However, once a GDS booking has been reissued by Southwest, it will then reside with Southwest and will no longer be available in the GDS for future servicing.

      Q: Can we have multiple airlines/multiple tickets in a Southwest PNR?

      A: Yes. Southwest segments can reside with other airlines in one PNR. Southwest does not allow for interline ticketing, which means that a Southwest ticket can only be issued for Southwest flights. No other carriers can be issued with the Southwest ticket as we do not currently have any interline agreements with other airlines.

      Q: Will Southwest flights be available 365 days from the booking date via the GDS?

      A: Southwest’s complete flight schedule will be visible in the GDS as they become available. Southwest normally publishes schedules 6-8 months out.

      Q: Can I book multiple one-way tickets in the same PNR?

      A: Currently Southwest does not allow multiple one-way reservations in one PNR. If a traveler wants to add a leg to an existing reservation you can exchange the current ticket, or book the added space in a new PNR.

      Q: Will we be able to apply all forms of payment to issue Southwest tickets?

      A: Southwest will enable all forms of payment in the GDS, including cash and check. However, Southwest’s currencies (gift cards, LUV vouchers, Rapid Rewards ® points, residual ticket funds) will not be accepted in the GDS.

      Q: Will customers be able to have their bags transferred to other airlines if flights are booked in the same reservation?

      A: No, Southwest does not have interline ticketing agreements with other airlines. Customers will need to pick up their bags at the Southwest baggage claim in the connecting city. They will be required to recheck their bags with the other airline.

      Q: Will we be able to issue circle trip tickets in the GDS?

      A: Yes you can issue circle trip tickets. Please note that you cannot issue separate tickets that are point to point within the circle trip.

      Q: Will customers be able to have their bags transferred to other airlines if flights are booked in the same reservation?

      A: No, Southwest does not have interline ticketing agreements with other airlines. Customers will need to pick up their bags at the Southwest baggage claim in the connecting city. They will be required to recheck their bags with the other airline.

    • Exchanges, refunds, MCOs and certificates/vouchers

      Q: What will be the process to exchange/refund/void a Southwest booking?

      A: All Southwest bookings created after cutover to ARC settlement can be voided, exchanged, or refunded through the GDS. Any bookings created prior to the ARC settlement migration will need to continue being exchanged or refunded with Southwest direct.

      Q: Will agents be able to retain a residual value and issue an MCO for Southwest exchanged bookings?

      A: All ARC settled reservations can be exchanged in the GDS, and an MCO issued for any residual value.

      Q: Do I always need to issue a residual MCO?

      A: Southwest Airlines never charges any fees for ticket changes. All residual MCO’s are expected to be issued by the travel agency in the name of the traveler. Any MCO not issued for $100.00 or more will result in a debit memo.

      Q: Can I use a Southwest MCO for another traveler?

      A: Southwest Airlines does not allow MCO’s to be used by another traveler. The contract of carriage states that the name on the MCO ticket must be the user of the new ticket issued. Any MCO used to purchase a ticket in another traveler’s name will result in a debit memo.

      Q: Can I exchange with a Southwest agent a booking done in my GDS?

      A: Yes, Southwest agents can modify any reservation to fly on Southwest. However, once a Southwest agent has exchanged the ticket, any further service request will need to be done by a Southwest agent.

    • Fare Classes

      Q: Where can I find information on Southwest Airlines Branded Fares?

      A: Southwest Airlines now uses branded fares. Please follow this link to access our Branded Fares information.

    • Unaccompanied Minors/Young Travelers

      Q: Does Southwest Airlines allow unaccompanied minor/ young traveler bookings through the GDS?

      A: Please use the following information when booking via the GDS.

      Not available through GDS

      Ticketing travel for Unaccompanied Minors (ages 5-11 traveling alone) in the GDS is not permitted. Call 800-435-9792 or visit: https://www.southwest.com/faq/unaccompanied-minors Please note, issuing tickets for an Unaccompanied Minor will result in a Debit Memo.


      Young Travelers

      Young Travelers (ages 12-17 traveling alone) can be booked through the GDS for US Domestic travel, however, you must call Southwest Airlines at 800-435-9792 to complete necessary travel documents. For more information on Young Traveler please visit: https://www.southwest.com/faq/young-travelers

      Travelers ages 2 – 17 that are traveling with a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older on a separate PNR must add the OSI WN (SWA Locator) of the parent PNR.

    • Revenue Tracking

      Q: Does Southwest Airlines provide a way to track corporate customer revenue that do not have a discount in place?

      A: Please use the following guidelines to track non discounted Southwest revenue.

      There have been some updates to our tour code sourcing methods. Southwest now has two methods of Tour Code Sourcing that an Agency can choose from based on their preference. Manual entry or 0% discount filing, Please see below for additional context:

      • Manual Format (TMC Agent manually entering tour code)- in this scenario an Agent would manually enter the SWABIZ CID number in the tour code field for all tickets to track revenue (please note 99112233 is an example)

        Sabre – W#UN*99112233

        Apollo – T:$BIT99112233

        Worldspan – 5-IT99112233

        Amadeus – FT*99112233

      • Pricing Command (File 0% Discount) - in this scenario a TMC prefers filing 0 % discounts for non-discounted Customers/”tracking only” Customers, Southwest will need to file the same 0% discount with ATPCO to ensure reporting is not interrupted. The Agency on file should fill out the Southwest ATPCO form and return to their Southwest Sales Manager for processing. In this scenario we will require the Customer’s account code(snap)/corporate ID’s, and PCCs in addition to the 99#/SWABIZID as the tour code.

      • FUTURE SATE - Entering Tour Code in OSI Remarks; more information to come in the future*

        With either of the two current methods, it’s important to note that TMCs do not make any changes to a Customer’s booking channel for Southwest reservations until the SWA Account Manager has been notified and appropriate changes made on our end to ensure customer reporting is not impacted.

    • Travel Agency Testing

      Guidelines for TMC Transaction Testing with Live Bookings

      • • Email SWTravel@wnco.com with intent to test notification
        • • Start date
        • • Point of contact
        • • Number of transactions
      • • Maximum of 10 test bookings
      • • PNR’s must be booked 90 days out to avoid blocking inventory close to flight date
      • • PNR’s must be cancelled within 24hrs to avoid refundability or ADM concerns
    • Travel Agency access
      ARC Settlement


      • If you are new to booking Southwest in the GDS, please reach out to TMCRelations@wnco.com
      • If you have historically booked Southwest in the GDS and are simply looking to continue booking Southwest via Sabre, Apollo, Worldspan, Galileo, or Amadeus, please review the ticketing policy and Travel Agent Addendum available here: https://www.southwest.com/html/swabiz/gds-policy.html
  • Other Southwest Products
  • Southwest Airlines GDS Ticketing Policy
  • Southwest Contract of Carriage
  • Customer Service
  • Get in touch:

    • For questions related to your SWABIZ account, please call 1-888-479-2249 (Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. CT).
      • We’re updating your service experience.
      • PrimaryPartner Service: Our benchmark Southwest® Hospitality experience available to all our business Customers.
      • PreferredPartner Service: Our dedicated service experience for managed partnerships with expedited call access for travel managers.
      • PremierPartner Service: Our best-in-class experience for managed partnerships with a priority service line for travel managers, plus a dedicated line for travelers.
      • Connect with an account manager to learn more about these services and how we can best serve your travel needs.
    • To cancel or change a reservation or request a copy of a past receipt, please call 1-800-435-9792.
    • To request a refund, make a complaint or commendation, or for inquiries on your Rapid Rewards account, call 1-855-234-4654.
    • Meetings or SWABIZ questions: swabiz@wnco.com
    • General inquiries: SouthwestBusiness@wnco.com
    Contact our Sales Team

Rapid Rewards Business Offer Terms and Conditions:

Offer is nontransferable. Southwest reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

Offer is nontransferable. Southwest reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time. To be eligible to participate in this Rapid Rewards® Business Enrollment 25,000 point offer, Company must (a) have an active SWABIZ® account, (b) not currently have or have had in the prior twelve months a Rapid Rewards Business account, (c) apply for Rapid Rewards Business on or before 12/31/2021 and agree to the Rapid Rewards Business Program Terms (business.southwest.com/Terms-and-Conditions) at the time of application, and (d) be approved by Southwest for membership in Rapid Rewards Business. Company must have a minimum of two linked Rapid Rewards Members who will travel on behalf of the Rapid Rewards Business Member to be considered for Membership. Third party intermediaries engaged in selling and arranging air, hotel, transportation, and other travel reservations on behalf of a business, or multiple business entities may not be enrolled as Members in the Rapid Rewards Business program. When applying, Company must designate an administrator to manage your account and it is Company’s responsibility to transition administrator responsibility as needed. Member agrees that Southwest will communicate with such administrator regarding the Rapid Rewards Business account, including, without limitation, about transactions, redemptions, and promotional opportunities.

To earn 25,000 Rapid Rewards points for your Rapid Rewards Business account, a linked Rapid Rewards Member must (1) purchase two qualifying Anytime, Business Select®, or Wanna Get Away® round trip revenue flights (or four one-way revenue flights) through swabiz.com, Global Distribution Systems, or direct connect (Southwest Partner Services) and fly such flights within 90-days after enrollment in Rapid Rewards Business (such 90-day period, the “Flight Promotional Time Period”), and (2) include at the time of purchase of a qualifying flight your Company’s Southwest corporate identification number and the linked Rapid Rewards Member’s Rapid Rewards account number. A linked Rapid Rewards Member is defined as an individual Rapid Rewards Member whose Rapid Rewards account number is linked to your Company’s Southwest corporate identification number, prior to booking flights and during completion of the flights. If traveler is not a Rapid Rewards Member, please have the traveler enroll in Rapid Rewards and link the traveler’s Rapid Rewards account to your Company’s Southwest corporate identification number. Flights booked prior to the first day of the Flight Promotional Time Period or not completed by the last day of the Flight Promotional Time Period will not be eligible to count towards this promotion. Please allow up to 2 weeks after completion of qualifying revenue flights for the 25,000 Rapid Rewards Business enrollment points to post to your Rapid Rewards Business account.

A qualifying one-way flight is a one-way Business Select, Anytime, or Wanna Get Away revenue flight on Southwest Airlines® from an origin city to a destination city, including any intermediate stops and/or connections on Southwest Airlines. A qualifying round trip flight is a round trip Business Select, Anytime, or Wanna Get Away revenue flight on Southwest Airlines from an origin city to a destination city and back to the originating airport or carrier-recognized co-terminal. Valid on new reservations booked and flown during the Flight Promotional Time Period. Changes made to an itinerary after purchase may eliminate qualification for the Rapid Rewards Business Enrollment 25,000 points offer. Valid on Southwest Airlines published scheduled service. Charter flights, group travel, Companion Pass®, Southwest Vacations® packages, flights booked on Southwest.com®, and reward travel do not qualify for this promotion. All Rapid Rewards Business Program Terms apply and can be found at business.southwest.com/Terms-and-Conditions. Southwest® reserves the right to amend, suspend, or change the Rapid Rewards Business Program Terms at any time without notice. Rapid Rewards Members do not acquire property rights in accrued points. The number of points needed for a particular Southwest flight is set by Southwest and will vary depending on destination, time, day of travel, demand, fare type, point redemption rate, and other factors, and are subject to change at any time until the booking is confirmed.

Points can only be redeemed on swabiz.com via your company CID for any available seat on any flight booked through Southwest and for any other products or services approved by Southwest. Number of points required to redeem for reward flights may vary based on destination, time, day of travel, demand, fare class, point redemption rate, and other factors. For the avoidance of doubt, points earned through the Rapid Rewards Business Program do not count towards A-List status, A-List Preferred status, or Companion Pass®.

All transactions and accounts in the Rapid Rewards Business program are subject to review and adjustment by Southwest at any time and without notice to the Member to ensure compliance with applicable rules. Any suspected fraud, misrepresentation, misuse, abuse, or violation of applicable rules, including, but not limited to, contracts of carriage, tariffs, the program rules, our Rapid Rewards Partners’ rules and regulations, and qualification requirements and benefits, may result in (a) cancellation of the account and any associated reservations, (b) forfeiture of (1) some or all of the accrued points in the account, (2) awards, and (3) rewards or promotional incentives, and/or (c) a delay or suspension of the processing of points and reporting and the redemption of points, awards, status benefits, rewards, and promotional incentives.

*To link a Rapid Rewards account to the CID, complete the following steps: Log into your SWABIZ account. Upon logging in to the “Traveler” experience within swabiz.com, navigate to the “Add my Rapid Rewards® account” link within the top navigation. Log in using your Rapid Rewards account, verify information and select “Yes, this is correct”.