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About SWABIZ ®

Book & track your company’s travel with SWABIZ®,
Southwest Airlines® free corporate booking tool.

Let SWABIZ help with your company’s travel

You’ll have access to the same low fares as, but with the added bonus of extra features that can help your company meet its business travel goals.

These features include:

  • Access to exclusive offers
  • No transaction charges
  • Tracking for reusable funds
  • Robust reporting
  • Traveler booking
  • Booking on behalf
  • Stored company card
  • Expense integration

To take advantage of these amazing benefits and more, create a SWABIZ account today.

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If you have further questions or would like to learn more about which aspects of SWABIZ are most important to you, contact us at


SWABIZ is a corporate booking tool that allows you to manage and track your travel program without the fees that other booking tools charge. By using SWABIZ, you’ll get the same low fares that you’d find at®. Additionally, you’ll gain access to SWABIZ exclusive offers! All this with no minimum segment commitments, no transaction fees, no change fees1, and bags fly free2.
Overview video: 00:33

Travel Funds Report

Save time and money with SWABIZ using the Travel Funds Report. SWABIZ’s Travel Funds Report depicts all unused funds created on/after December 1, 2018, and exclusively associated with the company’s SWABIZ account.
Travel funds video: 01:01

Traveler Account

Travelers can save time on their bookings by creating a Traveler Account, which links Rapid Rewards® profile information to your company SWABIZ account. Linking an account takes seconds and saves you time when booking.
Traveler account video: 00:39

Traveler Booking

Booking on SWABIZ is easy and intuitive—with or without a
Traveler Account.
Traveler booking video: 00:32

Booking on Behalf

SWABIZ allows Travel Managers to book and make changes on behalf of their travelers. Take control of your travel program by managing their travel yourself.
Proxy booking video: 00:35

Ghost Cards
(Stored Credit Cards)

With the ghost card feature, you can store a company credit card on file for you and your travelers. Best of all, you control who has access to your travel funds and how your individual travelers use them.
Ghost cards video: 00:45


Instantly generate online air and car travel reports summarizing SWABIZ transactions from the past 13 months. Reports can track travelers, identify monthly spend, and provide a master list of all company travel.
Reports video: 00:38

Internal Reference Numbers
(Department, Project, Cost Center, etc.)

The Internal Reference Number feature allows Travel Managers to record expenditures by department or project. Travel Managers can create a list of reference numbers for their travelers to choose from or allow them to add their own.
IRN video: 00:39

1. Fare difference may apply
2. First and second checked bags. Baggage weight and size limits apply.