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Travelers can now book and manage SWABIZ® on the go!

Let SWABIZ® help with your company’s travel

SWABIZ is a corporate booking tool that allows you to manage and track your travel program without the fees other booking tools charge. You’ll have access to the same low fares as, but with the added bonus of extra features that can help your company meet its business travel goals.

These features include:

  • Access to exclusive offers
  • No transaction charges
  • Tracking for reusable funds
  • Robust reporting
  • Traveler booking
  • Booking on behalf
  • Stored company card
  • Expense integration

To take advantage of these amazing benefits and more, create a SWABIZ account today.

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If you have further questions or would like to learn more about which aspects of SWABIZ are most important to you, contact us at

SWABIZ Features

Reservations icon

Travelers can now book SWABIZ® through the Southwest® app and® mobile site!

SWABIZ mobile chart

Here's how to create a mobile SWABIZ reservation:

  1. Open your Southwest app or go to in your mobile web browser..
  2. Log in to your SWABIZ Traveler Account.
  3. Click “Book a flight.”
  4. Swipe the toggle next to “Book with a SWABIZ account."
  5. Verify or select your company account.
  6. Begin booking!

A SWABIZ Traveler Account is required to book SWABIZ reservations through the Southwest app or mobile site. If your Traveler doesn’t have one, they can create one by linking their Rapid Rewards® account to your company's SWABIZ account on the desktop site.

Toggle to book with a SWABIZ account

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Flight, Hotel, and Car reservations can be booked by Guests, registered Travelers, Travel Managers, and/or your preferred Travel Management Company or Agency.
  • Flights
    SWABIZ offers the same complete fare content, prices, and seat inventory as, including last-seat availability information.
  • Hotels
    SWABIZ partners with to provide some of the most competitive rates in the hotel industry, including a helpful feature that allows you to search for business-friendly hotels (e.g. shuttle service, business center, Wi-Fi, breakfast, etc.).
  • Cars
    Shop all major rental car companies. If you have a negotiated rate with one or more rental car companies, you can preload the discounted corporate ID/rate code so that it automatically applies at time of booking.

User Roles icon
User Roles
  • Full-Access Travel Managers can book reservations on behalf of Guests and registered Travelers, run reports, manage Ghost Cards, add/remove other Travel Managers, generate their Travel Funds Report, manage travel policies, and more.
  • Limited-Access Travel Managers may book reservations on behalf of Guests and registered Travelers.
  • Travelers who create a SWABIZ Traveler Account by logging in under the Traveler tab using their company’s SWABIZ Company ID# along with their own Rapid Rewards® member number and password will save time in the booking process.
  • Guests are unique, infrequent Travelers who do not need a registered Traveler account, such as a customer, business partner, or interviewee, perhaps.

Reports icon

SWABIZ offers a variety of reports for your company’s flight, hotel, and rental car reservations, helping your company track unused travel funds, manage duty of care responsibilities, monitor travel spend, and more! Full-access Travel Managers, upon login, click on REPORTING to learn more.

Booking on Behalf of Registered Travelers icon
Booking on Behalf of Registered Travelers

Full and limited-access Travel Managers can proxy-access Traveler profiles to make booking a breeze. Information such as the Traveler Name, DOB, Rapid Rewards number, Known Traveler Number, e-mail address, etc., can all be prepopulated into the reservation the Travel Manager is booking.

Ghost Cards icon
Ghost Cards

A Ghost Card is a credit card that has been stored in your SWABIZ account for the purpose of allowing Travel Managers and/or Travelers to use for your company’s flight purchases without revealing the card’s account number or billing information. Card permission is managed by one or more full-access Travel Managers and are assigned to Travelers on a per card basis. Ghost Cards can be offered as a payment option, or may be required for direct-billing situations. You can store as many different Ghost Cards as needed.

Internal Reference Numbers icon
Internal Reference Numbers

The Internal Reference Number (IRN) feature is an alpha-numeric value that a Traveler and/or a Travel Manager can create and add to a reservation for reporting purposes. For example, you may enter a reason code to identify the purpose of travel, or enter a department name or cost center to track a specific part of your organizations travel activity and spend. The IRN can be pre-defined by a Travel Manager and selected by others from a drop-down box in the booking path, or can be a custom entry at the time the reservation is made. A Travel Manager controls whether IRNs are required or optional. Full-access Travel Managers, visit the PAYMENT section upon login to learn more.

Shared Confirmation Receipt E-mails icon
Shared Confirmation Receipt E-mails

Up to four full-access Travel Managers may opt-in to receive a copy of confirmation receipt, modification, and cancel e-mails for all flight transactions associated with your SWABIZ Company ID#. Upon login, click Travel Manager account (upper right corner) to opt-in.

Traveler Account and Booking icon
Traveler Account and Booking

A Traveler Account is simply an individual’s Rapid Rewards account that has been linked to a company’s SWABIZ account. Travel Managers can only see business reservations and transactions made through SWABIZ and cannot see a Rapid Rewards Members transactions and reservation information that does not include a SWABIZ Company ID#. A Traveler may make their own Flight, Hotel, and Car reservation, depending on their company’s travel policy, by selecting the Traveler tab and entering only the Company ID or by logging into a Traveler Account, which requires the Company ID, Rapid Rewards number or Username, and Rapid Rewards password.