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Corporate Travel

It’s not just business—to us, it’s personal.

Travel managers: If you manage your company’s travel and want to learn more about how Southwest® Corporate Travel fits into your program, click for more information.

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If you ask us, good business is just common sense. Or as we call it, Transfarency®. That's why we do what we do: so your travelers can take the trip, seal the deal, make the merger, or just visit the friends they made across the boardroom table. Your bottom line is our starting line, whether you’re a major corporation or a single-office startup.

With Southwest Corporate Travel, you'll get all the Southwest benefits you expect, like:

  • Our top-rated Customer Service
  • Our Customer-friendly policies like bags fly free®* and no change fees**
  • Our business travel products
  • Our Rapid Rewards® loyalty program
  • Our flexible point-to-point network
  • $0 for change fees**
  • $0 for hidden fees
  • $0 for corporate benefits
  • $0 to check one bag
  • $0 to check two bags
    (Yep, still free.)
  • $0
    That's Transfarency.®

*First and second checked bags.
Weight and size limits apply.
**Fare difference may apply.