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Hear from Our
Pilots and Teachers

“Coming into the classroom the way that Southwest does shows students that there is more to running a company than flying a plane. Students see how many people throughout the corporation play important roles contributing to the overall operation.”

—Adopt-A-Pilot Teacher

“It’s rewarding to inspire students to broaden their horizons, so they can set goals and achieve dreams. Many of these kids have never been to an airport or flown on a plane, so this gives them a chance to see all the action, first hand.”

—First Officer Ken A.
Kenosha, WI

Questions About the Program?

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Classroom Videos

Adopt-A-Pilot in the Classroom

This video introduces the Adopt-A-Pilot program, helps Pilots connect with the students, and provides an overview of what students will learn.

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What is the Adopt a Pilot Program? Download (177MB)



Careers in Aviation

Ever wondered what kinds of jobs are possible in the aviation industry? The following videos offer students a brief introduction into the many high-flying aviation careers.

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Pilot Download (7MB)
Flight Attendant Download (4MB)
Customer Service Agent Download (4MB)
Operations Agent Download (3MB)
Reservation Sales Agent Download (6MB)
Flight Dispatcher Download (7MB)
Ramp Agent Download (6MB)
Provisioning Agent Download (3MB)
Mechanic Download (4MB)
Cargo Download (4MB)