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Charitable Giving

Last year Southwest took even more steps to extend our famous Customer Service beyond our airplanes and into our communities. We launched Community Giving Boards that are trained and empowered to evaluate charitable giving requests from their local community. Community Giving Boards are made up of local Employees from various work groups who evaluate the donation requests Southwest receives from nonprofit charitable organizations in their community. The Boards donate complimentary, roundtrip tickets to approved organizations for fundraising or transportation purposes.

Southwest Airlines is proud to support qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organizations within the communities we serve, especially those that fall within our areas of strategic focus.

If you are a qualified 501(c)(3) organization and meet our guidelines, please submit your donation requests online.

Families Facing Serious Illnesses

Southwest understands the strain serious illnesses can put on a family, especially when necessary medical treatments are far from home, and wants to aid in easing the worries and transportation needs of these families. Our longstanding relationship with Ronald McDonald House Charities allows us to serve and support families who need that “home away from home” while their children undergo medical treatment. Southwest Airlines Annual LUV Classic Golf Tournament has raised more than $12 million for Ronald McDonald House Charities. In addition, Southwest administers its own Medical Transportation Grant Program in conjunction with hospitals and organizations that assist individuals who must travel to receive medical care.

Military and their Families

Patriotism runs deep at Southwest Airlines, and we are proud of all those who serve, especially the Active Duty, Reservists and Veterans that are part of the Southwest Family. Southwest honors Veteran’s of all past wars through our relationship with the Honor Flight Network, and works with many other charities to support the men, women, and children who sacrifice for our country every day.

Investing in Placemaking

The Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community program was developed to support and activate public spaces in the heart of cities.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

As a Company, Safety and preparedness is of the utmost importance. We work with organizations to help the communities we serve be more prepared, and lend our support in times of need due to natural disasters.

The Environment

Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility Southwest takes seriously, as minimizing waste and effectively using our resources (energy, people, and materials) helps us protect our most vital resource of all—the world in which we live. Efficient operations are the hallmark of our Company and the foundation of our environmental commitment.

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