What to expect when you travel with us.

We’re keeping your well-being in mind every step of the way.

We regularly deep clean and disinfect our aircraft and follow other stringent cleaning practices, such as using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters onboard and stocking face masks and cleaning wipes for anyone who may need them.

Grab a low fare and let’s go!


How are your airplanes being cleaned?

  • Every night, we thoroughly clean and disinfect each plane from nose to tail.
  • Additionally, our aircraft go through several deep cleaning programs at regular intervals.

Do you use HEPA filters onboard your plane?

  • Yes, all our aircraft are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which remove 99.97%* of airborne particles—similar to technology found in hospitals.
  • Our aircraft are designed with an air circulation system that mixes fresh air from outside the plane with air inside the plane. A full exchange of cabin air with fresh, outdoor air and HEPA filtered air occurs every 2-3 minutes.

*Measuring 0.3 micrometers or greater in diameter passing through the filter.

Where you come in

Learn what to do if you’re feeling sick, if you need to wear a mask onboard or in the airport, and more.

Do I need to wear a mask on the plane and or in the airport?

  • Federal law does not require that masks be worn in the airport or on the plane, but some cities or states may require them at their airports. If you are uncertain, check the airport you’re traveling to before arriving to know their policies. You’re always welcome to wear a mask while traveling if you prefer to.

What should I do if I 1) have been exposed to someone who has a respiratory virus (e.g., COVID-19, flu), 2) have been experiencing symptoms, or 3) have tested positive and have an upcoming flight?

  • If you have been exposed to someone with a respiratory virus, have symptoms, or tested positive, please follow current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance regarding isolation.
  • If you need to rebook or cancel, please access your reservation online and follow the prompts to do so.

Can I bring my own wipes and hand sanitizers?

  • Yes, you can bring wipes and hand sanitizer in your carryon bag. Please follow the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policy regarding Passenger hand sanitizer allowances in a carryon bag.