Visit Spokane.

Whether you hop on the bus or rent a car, your Pacific Northwest adventure is already underway when you deplane at Spokane International Airport. You’re just seven miles outside of downtown—grab your bag and get going!

Spokane takes its name from the Spokane tribe, the first people to live in the area. Meaning “children of the sun,” the bounties of the region were soon realized by early European settlers. The first long-term settlement, Spokane House, was established in 1810; more settlers followed at the end of the century with the completion of the Northern Pacific Railway. There are echoes of the city’s history in its architecture; Spokane is home to 18 National Register Historical Districts, but there are also plenty of modern developments full of 21st-century amenities too.

Parks abound in Spokane. The city acquired much of its designated parklands prior to World War I and was an early pioneer in citywide parks and recreation amenities. These now over-80 parks include everything from botanical gardens to aquatic centers. If the weather during your visit allows, grab some lunch to go and stroll through the Duncan Garden at Manito Park or take in the sights at Riverfront Park. Don’t forget to visit the Spokane Falls downtown, the park for which was created to host the 1974 World’s Fair.

Art lovers will want to explore the city’s primary arts districts: Davenport Arts District, Garland Historical District, and East Sprague. These arts districts feature live performances, independent theaters, local boutiques, and plenty of nightlife, so there’s something for every kind of art aficionado. For a more historic view of arts and culture rather than the present-day delights of these neighborhoods, visit the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, a Smithsonian affiliate museum that hosts traveling exhibits amongst its permanent collection.

Start your Spokane adventure by booking a flight to Spokane International Airport. Southwest Airlines flies to Spokane often, which makes it easy to plan your next visit to the Lilac City. Of course, having a memorable trip to the Pacific Northwest is about more than finding deals on flights to Spokane. Learn more about the Southwest® Experience and book your upcoming flight.

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Things to do in Spokane.

Picture-perfect parks
  • Dishman Hills Natural Area
  • Mount Spokane State Park
  • Riverfront Park
Enriching outings
  • Bing Crosby Theater
  • First Interstate Center for the Arts
  • Spokane Symphony Orchestra
Can’t-miss museums
  • Jundt Art Museum
  • Mobius Science Center
  • Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture