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Booking Solutions

A plan for every business.

Our multichannel distribution strategy is built for your business. Travelers can access our everyday low fares through our third-party channels, or through our own corporate booking tool. When you book with SWABIZ®, you’ll get access to the same Southwest® you know and love, plus all of our special business benefits.


      What it is:

      Travelers and travel managers access Southwest-only inventory through SWABIZ, our free corporate travel booking tool.


      • Everything you know and love about Southwest Airlines® travel.

      • Robust reporting—and you’re in complete control.

      • No travel management fees—never a charge for enrollment or reporting, no change fees**, and bags fly free.®*

      • *First and second checked bags. Weight and size limits apply.
        **Fare difference may apply.

      Need to know:

      SWABIZ does not integrate into existing travel management systems.



      Let’s Connect
  • Southwest® Partner Services (SPS)

      What it is:

      Southwest Partner Services (SPS) is our API/Direct Connect technology that integrates into your company’s existing travel management tools.


      • Access to Southwest flight inventory.

      • Full Southwest functionality to book, modify, cancel, defer bookings, apply unused funds, etc.*

      • *Experience may vary as some Partners have not enabled all available functionality.

      Need to knows:

      Functionality, fees, and levels of Southwest benefits are based on relationship with the travel management partner.**

      **Fees may apply and vary by Customer.


      Partnership logos: Concur, Certify, Deem, Cytric, Engencia, Get There, Agent Ware
  • Global Distribution System (GDS)

      What it is:

      Southwest flight inventory is displayed on the Global Distribution System (GDS).


      • Aggregated display of flight inventory

      • Deferred booking

      Need to knows:

      • Limited inventory available; no guarantee of lowest fare

      • No international inventory

      • GDS manages functionality and level of benefits

      • No ability to change travel within the GDS


      Partnership logos: Apollo Travelport, Sabre